Friday, July 23, 2010

3 Myths about the Media

Working with the media is a powerful way to promote your business. Some business owners are missing big opportunities to promote their business because they believe some common myths about the media. Recognize and dispel these three media myths.

Media Myth 1: The job of the media is to report the facts

The former editor in chief of a big city paper and former news director at a national TV station cleared up this myth.

He stated that many people believe that the job of the media is to report the facts. He clarified, “The job of the media is to report the facts – as we see it.”

That is an important distinction. Facts are not relevant or valuable without perspective. The media reports the facts that they chose and with the perspective that they select. Anyone can report facts. The distinguishing factor of a media outlet is the perspective that they offer on those facts. Opinion.

Media Myth 2: The Media hates business

I’ve heard this accusation from many small and medium sized business owners. Perhaps they run into challenges dealing with big banks and government. Then they read about business getting trashed in the newspapers or watch it on “60 Minutes”.

The media doesn’t hate business. The media is business – big, medium and small business. The media needs business – to advertise. Yes, some individuals in the media might rant about a particular business or industry because that attracts readers, listeners and viewers – customers.

Media Myth 3: The Media is in the information business

That is an easy assumption because the media needs information as its raw material. But the media isn’t in the information business – even though they might convey information. Similarly they aren’t in the entertainment business even though they need to be entertaining. Just watch the 6:00 TV news and notice the entertainment.

The media is in the advertising business.

That is how they make money. They sell advertising and when they don’t sell enough advertising, they cut production, jobs and eventually close down. Every media service that died did so because they did not sell enough advertisements.

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