Monday, May 17, 2010

Get a Job

The most important marketing that most people will ever do is to get their next job. Your next job can be crucial to your financial and emotional stability - and your family. Not having a job can be very destructive to your family.

Many things have changed over the past several years (and decades) – yet so many people still try to get a job the same way as their parents or grandparents.

Enjoy and listen to the lines from this 1958 song, “Get a Job.”

Especially the line, “When I get the paper, I read it through and through.”

How’s that any different from reading the job adds on Monster or any of the other online job boards. Are you still modeling your job search on the way they did things in the 50’s?

If so – break out the Brylcreem.

George Torok

Personal Marketing


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