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8 Marketing Truths that Will Make You More Profitable

Beware of the dangerous marketing myths that can destroy your business. You’ve probably heard most of them. Many are spread by the marketing mystics who don’t understand or don’t want you to understand the simple realities of marketing. The challenge for you is to sort the truths from the myths and the mystics from the masters.

Read this article and study each of these marketing truths to increase your profits and reduce your losses. Think about how you will apply these marketing lessons to improve the profitability of your business.

1. Marketing is about sending messages
Everything you do or don’t do sends a message. Marketing is much more than advertising. Marketing includes your customer service, company policies, telephone manner, community presence and supplier relationships.

2. Marketing is about building relationships
We would rather buy from those we know and like. Marketing is how you help prospects know and like you. Marketing builds and maintains the relationship that keeps them coming back for more.

3. Marketing is long term
The payback on your marketing of today might happen next week, next month or next year. In some businesses the cycle could be even longer. Learn what your cycles are and stick with it throughout the cycle.

4. Marketing is part art and part science
Effective marketing is built on systematic principles and based on the science of persuasion. The delivery of your marketing is differentiated by your personal flair and flavored by the art of creativity.

5. Marketing is always happening – whether you intend it or not
Some business owners claim they don’t market. Nonsense! You cannot – not market. Everything you do is marketing. Some of it is intended and much of it is unintended. But you are always marketing. The question is “Are you aware of the messages you are sending?”

6. Marketing is everyone’s role and responsibility
It’s easy to identify your sales staff as the ones who close the deals. “Who’s marketing?” is a more difficult question. You are missing the point if you think marketing is the sole responsibility of your “marketing department”. Everyone in your company is marketing, from the delivery-van driver to the accounts payable clerk, to the production foreman.

7. Marketing is everything you do that makes it easier to sell
Good marketing helps you close deals. Bad marketing wastes money and kills deals. Evaluate all your marketing actives and rate them on how well they help the sales process. Stop or improve any marketing that you rate as possibly negative.

8. Marketing occurs on both a direct and indirect level
The Facts and the Feeling.The Intellect and the Emotion.The Look and the Smell.The Realities and the Perceptions.It is the second part of each of these comparisons that moves people to buy or decide not to buy. Facts don’t matter much when it comes to the buying decisions of your clients. The indirect level of marketing often overwhelms the direct marketing. Are you aware of the indirect messages that you might be sending?

It’s not your fault if you have heard marketing myths from the mystics. But it will be your loss if you believe them. Now that you know these eight fundamental marketing truths you have the knowledge to re-evaluate your marketing and enjoy greater profits.

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8 Marketing Truths Yhat Make You More Profitable


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