Thursday, April 22, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 36: Encourage other people to talk about you

The best marketing is when other people talk about you

It used to be called word of mouth marketing. Today it is often labeled buzz or viral marketing. This just demonstrates that the principles of marketing don't change - only the tools and labels.

I believe there is no more powerful force in marketing than other people talking about you. People talking to people can build or destroy your business. Look at the companies and celebrities in the news. It's word of mouth that is canonizing or demonizing them.

So how can you encourage more people to talk more about you? (In a positive way)

Use these five buzz-generating ideas:

Excite people

Excite people by conveying passion in what you do. Passion is contagious. Passion doesn't need to be loud and gregarious. You can also convey quiet and warm passion.

Be controversial

Break some rule or rules of the industry. These are usually the unwritten rules that evolved and everyone follows them without question. It could be your packaging, service standards or uniform. It might be your unusual positioning in the market.

Be outstanding

Be exceptional at some part of the business - so exceptional that you become the standard for that aspect. People might even call you obsessed.

Conquer big challenges

Go after big challenges - not every day but from time to time. This might be business goals such as number of customers, sales volume or product innovation (like Apple). This might also be personal goals like climbing a mountain, running a marathon or completing special education. It could also be community goals such as fund-raising for a charity.

Help others

You can help your clients by delivering outstanding customer service. You might also help your staff by offering advice, a rewarding work environment or growth opportunities. You might offer to mentor junior associates, participate on a community board or coach a little league team.

You don't need to use all of the above ideas. Choose the one or few ideas that work best for you and reap the rewards of other people talking about you.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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