Monday, April 19, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 35: Database - Review, Renew & Recharge

Database - Review, Renew & Recharge

Knowing your clients is at least as important as knowing your product.
Managing your database is usually boring. However, if you don't manage your database how will you manage the relationships with your clients? Nothing could be more valuable to your business than those relationships. It's those relationships that will help you grow your business.

Happy New Year!
It's time to review, renew and recharge your database.The start of the New Year is an opportune time to apply these three R's to your database. Why? Because you probably examined your results from last year and set your goals for the new year. Likely some things will need to be changed or refined.

Review your database. Naturally not all your contacts are equal. Some clients are better than others. Some prospects are better than others. Ensure that the categories or labels that you had set for each contact are still relevant. Are the "A clients" still A clients? Remove the duds from your database. You could store these deleted records in an archive file.

As you review your database take note of the missed opportunities. Decide how you might still pick up that ball or avoid that mistake again.

Renew the relationships. Keep them warm. Make a point of contacting everyone soon. Call your best clients to reconnect. Ask abut their past year results. Learn their goals, obstacles and hopes for the New Year. Confirm their contact information. Explore the opportunities for helping them this year. Be sure to add this new information to your database.

Email other contacts to touch base. Send snail mail to others. The other benefit for you is to learn about changes in personnel, titles and contact information. Update your database with this new intelligence.

Set your contact and follow-up schedules for the year. Plan and set the database reminders for your meetings, phone calls, direct mail and marketing campaigns. Support your goals with your database. Remind yourself how important the database is to your success. Recommit to reviewing and updating your database everyday. Treat your database as your best friend. Talk to it often.

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Power Marketing

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