Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 34: Remember Me

Remember Me

"Remember me as a sunny day" is a line from a 1971 song by Diana Ross. While searching I discovered many songs, books and plays with the title "Remember Me".

What does that tell you?
If there are many songs with this line that suggests that many people are craving to be remembered. And conversely they might also be pained at the thought of not being remembered.

What is the marketing opportunity?
In the previous Power Marketing tip I revealed the fundamental of building relationships as "Make people feel good about themselves."

If people are both hopeful and pained about being remembered - then remember them and demonstrate that. You will make them feel good and you will stand out from the competition that ignores or forgets.

How can you demonstrate that you remember them?

Remember their names
The old TV show, Cheers had the memorable line "Where Everybody Knows Your Name". When you walk into your favorite shop do you want to introduce yourself every time or would your prefer that the staff remembered and greeted you by your name?

Remember some personal information
It doesn't take much on your part - just remember something personal about them. It could be their hobby, favorite sport, last vacation spot, volunteer work, pets, etc...

Stay in touch with them
Let them know how you might continue to help them. Inform them about updates in your products. Remind them that you remember and value the relationship.

Naturally you don't have to remember every detail. That's why you put all that detail in a good database which makes it easier for you to remember. In a future tip we will talk more about database marketing.

What is your payback if you do all of the above? They will remember you when it comes time to buy.

Remember me.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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