Monday, April 12, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 33: Build More Profitable Relationships

Power Marketing Tip 33: Build More Profitable Relationships

All things being equal, we would rather buy from those we know and like. All things being unequal we would rather buy from those we know and like.

I don't know who first said that. I've noticed that it seems to be true.

Want to build your business in any market? Make sure enough people know and like you.

If you want more people to know and like you better, use this key principle and techniques.

The Key Principle to building relationships is to make other people feel good about themselves.

The opposite is also true. Destroy relationships by making people feel bad about themselves. You can predict the direction of your relationships by noticing what you are doing - or more importantly how it might be perceived.

Techniques to build relationships

Say thank you more often and mean it

There are so many things to thank your clients for and so many ways to do it. Thank them for buying from you, considering your proposal or referring a new client. Thank them for understanding the delay in helping them.

Congratulate others

Are you paying attention to your clients and prospects? Call them, email them or send a note when they receive an award, are featured in the media or reach a milestone.

Admit a mistake

If you are constantly pushing yourself you will make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. When it happens, admit it quickly and without the weasel words. People will like you more when they see that you know you are imperfect like them.

Send a hand written note

You don't need to do this often to be noticed and remembered. Why? Because it happens so seldom and it is personal. It is amazing how this simple act can create such warm feelings. The note might be a thank you, congratulations or staying in touch note.

Mail a post card

This one is closely related to the previous tip. When was the last time you received a personal post card? How did you feel? You could send post cards when you travel or from your home town. It doesn't matter as long as you connect with people. This simple technique has got me business and media coverage.

Do you want more people to know and like you? Build the relationships by making them feeling good about themselves.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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