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Power Marketing Tip 32: Change Squares into Diamonds

Power Marketing Tip 32: Change Squares into Diamonds

How can you grab more attention and encourage prospects to reconsider the value of your product?

One way to do that is by introducing a totally new product like Apple with the Iphone. Another way is to launch a revised product like car companies and sports teams. And the third common way is to leave the product the same but change the packaging like Ketchup with the upside down bottles.

But those approaches can cost you a lot. Is there a simpler less costly way?

Yes. Change the perspective.

How do you change the perspective? By changing the words you use to describe your product - that and maybe tilting your head a little.

For Example:

Shreddies is a breakfast cereal that has been around for over 50 years with little change to the product. They are flat squares of woven wheat. What could be more boring? They have changed their jingles, mascots and target audience over the years.

In 2008, Shreddies changed the perspective by calling them diamonds. That has grabbed lots of attention and conveyed a more memorable message to the consumer. You can visit the website to view some of their promotional videos and vote on which you prefer - Diamonds or Squares. The last time I checked over half a million votes were in and Diamonds were leading at 55%. (I voted for diamonds.)

Ideas for You

How could you use this in promoting your business? If you have a product or service that hasn't changed for some time perhaps you can call it Vintage, Traditional or Classic. When Coke brought back the old Coke they named it Coke Classic.

If you are fighting big business then label your business as family owned, personalized or boutique. Don't copy the competition.

What Next?

List all the words that might be used in either a positive or negative way to describe your product and business. Then invest some time with a thesaurus examining synonyms, antonyms and related terms.

If you need more help in changing the perspective - tilt your head.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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