Thursday, April 08, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 31: Tall, Dark and Handsome

Power Marketing Tip 31

Tall, Dark and Handsome

She said that she was looking for a man who was tall, dark and handsome. I immediately thought of my friend Phil. He came first to my mind. If she had asked for a short, funny party animal that would be Bob. If the search was for a sensitive, conscientious hard worker then Ronald was the man.

No, I'm not in the match making business. But I noticed that some important marketing principles can be learned from our personal lives.

Try this game. List the names of six of your good friends. Beside each name describe them in terms of three or four distinctive characteristics. Then talk with a friend who knows them as well as you do, state the characteristics and see if they can name the friend.

Life Principle

People who know what they are looking for are more likely to find it - especially if they can articulate it clearly and ask enough other people.

Marketing Principle

Future customers are out there looking for you. Some of them know what they want and can articulate it clearly. Most often it is a pain that they want fixed. Some will recognize what they want when they see it.

If you know that you can help these future customers then what are you doing to make it easy for them to find you? If they have never heard of you how would they find you? What words would these future customers use to describe you that would cause colleagues to think of you first?

When these future customers describe their pain or need - you want someone within earshot to jump up and down and exclaim, "I know just who can help you."

Critical Question for You

If your ideal future customer was searching for you, what words would they use to describe you?

Now integrate those distinctive descriptors into all of your marketing messages.

George Torok
Marketing Expert and Author

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