Monday, March 15, 2010

Parison Love video from Google

Why is this Google video ad so effective and what can you learn from it for your marketing? See below...

The setting and images are familiar. Most of us have searched on Google so we recognize the setting. No explanation is needed.

It instantly grabs our attention and holds our attention. It moves fast.

It tells a story. Good marketing tells a story.

The words create images in our mind, (Paris, love, chocolate). That is captivating and engaging.

We can see ourselves or some one we know in this story. It's personal and believable.

The last line makes you smile because it is a feel-good story.

Watch it again. Now compare that to your advertising.

George Torok

Marketing Speaker



Elaine Fogel said...

Loved this, George. Captivating yet simple.

evision said...

i've gone through this blog. i found it really interesting. nowadays im working and also studying in reputed college.

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