Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Do you feel guilty?

If so, you are ripe to buy. Guilty people buy and spend more.

Dinner time and a knock on the door. I answer. First I see a little girl – about seven years old. It’s freezing so she is dressed warmly in her winter coat. She’s presenting a box to me and smiling. Asks, if I want to buy a chocolate bar. Her mother is standing nearby.

I don’t want to buy a chocolate bar.

I’m a marketing guy so I figure that my job is to challenge these door-to-door sales people – even if they are only seven years old.

I ask, “Who’s selling these chocolate bars?” She answers, “Me.”

So she isn’t rattled by my first question and I’m already losing this discussion. So I add, “Who is the money for?”

“Frontenac School”.

She passed that test.

“We live across the street.” Neighbors.

“How much are the chocolate bars?”

“Three dollars.”

“Ouch!” It’s been a long time since I bought a chocolate bar.

The mother said, “You don’t have to buy.”

What? Does she think that I can’t afford three dollars for a chocolate bar that I don’t want?

Do I want to disappoint this little girl? Do I want to look unneighborly in front of these new neighbors?

Three dollars bought me a reprieve from guilt. The chocolate bar was free.


George Torok
Marketing Speaker


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