Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't fall for this trap

“You have to be there. All your competition will be there.”

It might be the sales rep for a trade show or an advertising rep for a publication. They are trying to frighten you into to buying from them.

They aren’t offering a sure thing or any guarantees. Their value might actually be quite questionable. So they try to frighten you.

“It’s a foggy night and howls were reported last night. Everybody knows that werewolves and vampires come out this time of the year. You better buy my garlic. It can’t hurt to be safe.”

We know that werewolves and vampires aren’t real – but… you never know.

That’s how many business owners make their advertising decisions.

You don’t need to be seen with your competition. You only need to be seen as being different and more valuable.

George Torok


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