Monday, January 25, 2010

Direct Mail Opportunity in 2010

6. Increased Use of Direct Mail

Advertising online is becoming extremely competitive. Every day you read stories about businesses spending more and more money on Google AdWords, just to make sure their ads show up higher on the page than their competitor's ads.

However, successful businesses will focus on outsmarting their competition, not outspending them. And one of the most effective ways of doing this is through direct mail. You're able to select targeted mailing lists and create marketing messages that address your prospects unique and specific needs.

Plus, mailboxes today are less cluttered, which means less competition for your prospects attention.
Author and lead generation marketing specialist Craig Garberfrom has just released his annual "Top 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Will (And Won't) Be Making Money In 2010" list. Garber is the author of "How To Make MaximumMoney With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies Anyone Can Use" and he has some compelling picks this year.

George Torok


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NMOA said...

I fully agree. When they zig you zag.

I would also mention that when using direct mail make sure you have an idea of what the Long Term Value of a new customer is, and what is an acceptable cost to acquire these new customers.

Some people new to direct marketing use direct mail one time and say it didn't work for them because the amount of initial sales from new customers didn't pay for the mailing. Yet if they figured in how much a new customer would spend over the next year or years, they may find out that the effort was hugely successful.

If you are looking for direct mail marketing statistics to plan a successful marketing campaign, two studies are available from the National Mail Order Association, NMOA. They are, the DMA Statistical Fact Book, and the Response Rate Trends Report,