Monday, June 22, 2009

Power Marketing tip 23: What's Your Gurantee?

Power Marketing Tip 23:

What's your guarantee?

Buyers want guarantees. If you want to pry the money from the reluctant hands of your clients you must make them feel good about their purchase. You must help them overcome their fear of buying. You need to reduce the risk.
How can you reduce the risk for your clients?

One of the best ways to demonstrate your good faith and understanding of your clients' needs is to offer a guarantee.

Buyers expect guarantees.
But a standard guarantee might not be enough to convince a prospect to buy from you. If your guarantee is only as good as the competition - it's not giving you the edge. It's just saying that you are as bad as the competition.
You need to offer a guarantee that catches attention and scares your competition.

For example:
Domino's Pizza built its success on this guarantee, "Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or it's free."

Hyundai offers a powerful guarantee. If you loose your job within one year of your purchase or lease of a new Hyundai you can break the deal and return the car at no extra cost to you. That's smart because it addresses the biggest concern on workers' minds.

A travel company offered this guarantee. If it rains on your vacation we will offer you another vacation at no extra charge.

Don't offer an empty guarantee. The newspaper has a guaranteed delivery time of 8:00 am. I asked the representative, "What happens if the paper is not delivered by that time?" Guess what she said? "Nothing." In other words there is no guarantee.

A guarantee must have two parts. There must be a measurable parameter and there must be a reward or restitution to the client when you don't measure up.
For the guarantee to differentiate you it must be bolder than the competition and it must address a principle fear of your clients.

Tell me about your bold guarantee and I might post it on my marketing blog along with a link to your website.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 22: Magic Words Shape Relationships

Power Marketing Tips 22:

Magic Words Shape Relationships

It costs nothing except your attention to the words that you and your team use with clients and prospects - and with each other.

Three relationship enhancing phrases

Please, thank you and you're welcome. These words seem to be missing in action.

Have you noticed that many business owners and managers are not paying attention to the words that their staff uses? Powerful leaders have fostered revolutions with their choice of words. You can shape warmer relationships by using the magic words.

How would you feel as the client in these examples?


The bank teller stated, "Swipe your card and enter your PIN." It sounded like a command - not a request. The word, "Please", was sadly missing. I dutifully complied.

Thank you

You made your purchase and paid your bill. The seller neglects to say "ThankYou". You wait for your change and without thinking you respond with "Thank you" after the seller gives you your change while saying, "There you go." If you thought about it - you would realize that you just thanked someone for giving you back your own money. Yet the seller never thanked you for buying from them. Who should be thanking who?

You're Welcome

You thanked someone. What do you expect to hear? How about, "You're welcome."What do you hear? "No problem."What's the difference? The first is a positive, cheery and encouraging comment.The second is negative, diminutive and dismissive. Imagine the difference between a doormat that says "Welcome" and one that says "No Problem".

If you want to build warmer relationships use these three simple phrases.Please - thank you - you're welcome.

You might not start a revolution but you'll stand out as extraordinary!

George Torok

Power Marketing

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"The overall convention evaluations were all glowing and members left on an emotional and educational high! Based on a 10 point scale with 10 being the highest score the overall rating for all sessions was 8.44. The score for your session was 9.35. We appreciate all the time and energy put in your presentation. Thank you!"

Susan Fenner PhD, Manager of Education & Professional Development, IAAP

George Torok

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Monday, June 01, 2009


Exceptional resort - The Rosseau - a JW Marriot

Most of us have had horrible experiences at hotels - especially hotels that claim to be first class and then treat customers like dumb sheep. Ask me about the Marriot in Halifax if you want to hear a horror story.

Sometimes it is the poor design of the hotel, more often the arrogant policies of management toward customers and most often poorly trained staff.

Recently I had an exceptional experience at The Rosseau - a JW Marriot in Muskoka, Ontario.

The wilderness setting in Muskoka was gorgeous. The new building was incredible. The room was

But what really impressed was the attitude, behaviour and personality of the staff. You can tell when staff has been well recruited and well trained.

When we arrived the doorman introduced himself and asked our names. By the time we reached the second person - he called us by name and introduced himself. While at dinner the servers checked in with us several times. At breakfast the server noticed that my omelet was under cooked. She eagerly offered to get me a replacement and apologized for the inconvenience.

When I checked with others at the same conference they also confirmed the amazing attention to detail. We agreed that it was the little things that made the difference.

The Rosseau - A JW Marriot - top of the line experience.

George Torok