Friday, January 30, 2009

Who's Talkin - search tool is a neat free tool for searching for who's talking about you on the social media. You can also use it to search for any other topic.

I used it to search my name and found my name and material quoted in places that I wasn't aware of - even though I already use Google Alerts.

Give it a try and add it to your list of social media search tools.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

New marketing articles

New Marketing Articles Published

Enjoy these new marketing articles published in the online library.

Marketing Disaster in the Details: Sears Catalogue Case
Marketing can make or break your business. Marketing is about sending messages. Marketing is everyone's responsibility because each staff member sends messages about your business. Often your unintended messages have a greater impact then your intended messages. What affects your marketing messages the most? Details! Are you attending to the little details that make or destroy your marketing message?

How to make sponsorship work for you
Sponsoring is a friendly way of marketing. It's much friendlier than advertising. When prospects are on the receiving end of your advertising they know that you are trying to sell them something. So naturally their guard goes up. They prepare to deflect your advertising assault. And they are looking for the fine print. They are searching for the lie in your claims. Mass market advertising can be the least effective form of marketing and it's very expensive.

Marketing Benefits vs. Features: Will it make me late for dinner?
Stop telling your customers about horsepower (feature) when they are concerned about missing dinner (benefit). One of the biggest marketing mistakes is to talk about features like horsepower when your customers only care about benefits like getting home for dinner.

The Van Gogh Syndrome can kill your business
Vincent Van Gogh was an artistic genius. His work is an inspiration to artists and coveted by art fanciers. He was a superb artist. He challenged the norms and created powerful art. Van Gogh was unique. He was a master of his craft. He was a prolific artist. Today many of his paintings sell for millions of dollars. But he was a business failure.

Build your network faster with smarter questions
Networking can be a waste of time or it can be very profitable for you. What determines the difference? You - and how you approach the science of networking. To build a more profitable network you need to understand and master the power of questioning. Networking without good questioning is doomed to failure.

George Torok

Marketing Expert


Thursday, January 22, 2009

February promotion ideas

Thinking of running a promotion in February? Then you might be able to leverage some of these special days and celebrations in February.

Calendar of Events/Publicity Opportunities
By Pam Lontos

If your expertise fits any of these topics, take advantage by sending out a press release to newspaper, television and radio stations, or call up the media directly! For example, if you are a doctor, nurse, medical expert or author who specializes in cardiology, you'll want to let the media know about your expertise for "American Heart Month," which is February. You can share your advice on how to build a heart-healthy diet, how to recognize thecommon symptoms of heart disease, and more.

Use these dates to create your own media opportunities by writing press releases on these topics, contacting radio stations in your area, or becoming a featured expert on television or in print:

- February is American Heart Month - During this time, the American Heart Association will shine the spotlight on their campaign, "Go Red for Women."This campaign strives to bring awareness to women about cardio vascular disease, which claims the lives of 500,000 women each year.

- February is National Black History Month - A month to celebrate the achievements and contributions of African Americans.

- February is International Boost Self-Esteem Month/Expect Success - These events were created to motivate people to seize new challenges, and emphasize the importance of expecting nothing more than one's best effort on any project or challenge.

- February is Time Management Month - A reminder that now is the time to get organized and follow through with commitments, particularly those that were made with the New Year.

- The first week in February is Publicity for Profit Week - A time to learn how to rely on someone else to gain publicity, but to develop a strategy one can implement to get his or her name out there.

- The second week in February is International Flirting Week - A week designed to celebrate the role flirting plays in the lives of singles seeking a mate, couples who want to spice things up, and total strangers exchanging glances.

- February 2 is Groundhog Day

- February 10 is World's Marriage Day - A day to honor the beauty of faithfulness, and the sacrifice and joy of daily-married life.

- February 14 is Valentine's Day- February 18 is Presidents Day

Reprinted from 'PR/PR Pulse,' a free e-zine featuring tips and techniquesfor gaining publicity. To subscribe, send an e-mail to newsletter@prpr.netwith 'Add Me' in the subject line.

Pam Lontos is the president of PR/PR, a public relations firm that specializes in professional speakers, authors and experts. An author,speaker and former VP of Disney's Shamrock Broadcasting, Pam knows the ropes of getting you good publicity and how to use it to boost your bookings or book sales. She is also author of the new book, "I See Your Name Everywhere!" Call for a free consultation: 407-299-6128 or visit:

George Torok
Marketing Expert & Speaker
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 15: Be a name dropper

Power Marketing Tip 15:

Be a name dropper

Imagine if golf legend Tiger Woods, tennis champion Roger Federer or movie star Angelina Jolie helped you promote your business.

Here's the big bonus for you: You don't need to pay them the huge sums of money they ordinarily command.

You know that having that kind of star power on your side can help you get better noticed, valued and remembered.

How do you do that?

Drop their names in your conversations as you explain how your product or service follows the principles practiced by these great ones.

For example, when I talk to my prospects about how to transform their marketing results from good to great I point to the three things that helped Tiger Woods get from good to great. He has a natural talent which got him started. Then he continued to grow and improve by implementing systems. And finally he works with his coach to identify and adjust the details to reach and maintain greatness.

My clients have talent and systems already. I offer to improve their marketing systems and provide the coaching to get to greatness.

How can you do this?

Examine your product or service and list the key aspects of it. Then distil the list to about three elements. Look at well known and respected individuals or organizations who illustrate these elements clearly.

The champions that you choose could be dead or alive, fictional or real. The key is to pick someone well known and well respected for the relevant qualities.

The menu of names is unlimited:

Warren Buffet, Mary Kay Ash, Oprah, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Cash, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc...

By aligning with greatness you are perceived to be great.

George Torok
Power Marketing

PS: Tell me how this tip helps you.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jumpstart Your Networking for 2009


by Roz Usheroff

Recently, I had a conversation with a longstanding client. Having just missed the latest downsizing in his Fortune 500 company, he reminded me of our discussion in 1997, when I cautioned him to be proactive. "Don't wait until you need a network to start building one," I had said. Unlike many today, my client is so well connected that he is optimistic about the future and expanding his network weekly…just in case.

The corporate world has changed dramatically. To survive and thrive, you must become your best PR person. A respected colleague and marketing guru, George Torok, author of Secrets of Power Marketing, states that "you must be seen. You must be heard. People must talk about you. And they must know where to find you." So, let's start 2009 with a fresh approach.

As you create your 2009 resolutions, make networking a must. As I reiterate in my seminars, your network is your networth. Whether you are looking for a job or not, you must continuously network, promoting yourself and your expertise to management, peers and those in positions to champion you. This lays the groundwork for your next career move, and it distinguishes you from your competition.

The challenge for some people, however, is that they confuse networking with being insincere or fluffy. Sometimes this is just a cover for social insecurity, or bone-laziness. Ultimately, the purpose of networking is:

Read the rest of this article on networking

Written by Roz Usheroff



Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Apology to Nigel Wrench

My apology to Nigel Wrench

Yesterday I did a stupid thing. I wrote a nasty email to Mr. Nigel Wrench of Digital Art and Graphics.

I aplogized directly to Mr Wrench. This is my public apology.

When I received his email I did not remember that I had previously met this person. I jumped to the conclusion that his email was SPAM because of the distribution list of names.

And I over reacted. I responded with a nasty email and copied it to the same list. That was a dumb thing for me to do.

A few good lessons for me:

  1. Never write a nasty letter or email to anyone – regardless how you feel at that moment.
  2. If you break lesson number one – don’t send the email for at least 24 hours. That will give you time to think.
  3. When you are offering advice – do it only to the individual concerned and don't criticize.
  4. If you think that you don’t know the individual you might simply ask them, “How do I know you?” or “Where have we met?”
  5. If it appears that your purpose was only to hurt – don’t do it.

George Torok


Friday, January 02, 2009

Knievel Jumps Fire Volcano at Mirage in Vegas

Kneivel Jumps Fire Volcano at Mirage in Vegas

The Mirage Casino Hotel in Las Vegas just reopened the fire volcano after an eleven-month renovation. Perhaps the fire volcano at the Mirage was being over shadowed by the fountains of the Belagio. The Casino Hotels in Las Vegas are a good example of competing in a tough market. The casinos are continuously rebuilding to be better than the rest.

The Mirage rebuilt the fire volcano. It is one of the free things that anyone can watch in Las Vegas. But being spectacular and free is never enough - especially in Las Vegas.

So what did The Mirage do to promote the Fire Volcano and the Mirage even more? They arranged for Robbie Knievel, the son of daredevil, Evil Knievel, to jump his motorcycle over the fire volcano on New Year's Eve.

Enjoy the video.

What will you do to promote your business this year?

George Torok

Marketing Expert

Marketing Speaker


Best Marketing Posts of 2008

Marketing Blog Posts - Best of 2008

Cycle City in Burlington declares bankruptcy

My motorcycle dealer is bankrupt. The notice in the newspaper screamed that message and announced the two-day bankruptcy sale. By “my” dealer I mean the one where I bought my motorcycle.

Rimrock Resort Banff - Where is my room?

Room 940?
I recently stayed at the Rimrock Resort in Banff, Alberta while speaking at a conference for the IT industry. The view from anywhere in Banff is breath taking. The Rimrock Hotel is perched on the side of a mountain.

Branding is a perverted type of relationship

Watch this video of George Torok speaking at the First Canadian Apple Reseller Summit in Niagara Falls.Apple Resllers are faced with the challenging prospect of competing with Apple Computer who is competiting directly with the Appler resellers. This is very upsetting to the Apple Resellers who have supported Apple for decades. Suddenly the hand that feeds you is biting you.

The Legend of Colonel Sanders

Enjoy this informative, inspiring and insightful analysis of the legend of Colonel Sanders by Marketing expert, Perry Marshall.

Go jump off a tall building

Have you heard that expression? Has anyone ever said it to you? Have you ever expressed to someone else? Be careful what you say to people. Bob Hooey took it literally. Yep, he jumped off a tall building - 27 stories tall.

Viral marketing: Photoshop & Iran Missile-gate

Who’s pulling the strings – Photoshop or Iran?This is a good example of viral marketing.It’s clear to me that the winner of this media party is Photoshop.

YouTube Video for Marketing

YouTube video for marketingShould you post a video on YouTube to promote your business?Like many things about the social networking websites of the Internet - the answer is yes and maybe.

Funerals Learn from Weddings

What can funerals learn from weddings?The funeral business has faced massive changes and pressures from within and without over the past few decades.

Iron Man

Iron Man - the latest movie from Marvel ComicsWatch the trailer. It looks sharp. Looks like Marvel has successfully made the transition from comic book producer to movie producer.

Be Afraid, be very afraid of scaring your customers

The two masters of business are fear and greed. You probably know that greed fuels a bull market and fear darkens the bear. But are you aware of how important these two emotions are to your business?

Tom Cruise getting Ducati Super bike

There is an important marketing lesson about getting media coverage in this recent news item about the new Ducati superbike.

Radio Interviews - How to be a guest expert

One simple way to build your brand, your credibility and reach is to be the guest expert featured in radio interviews. It is simple efficient and effective - if you know the techniques.

George Torok

Marketing Expert

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