Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you for shopping

"Thank you for shopping"

Imagine how nice it feels to hear that phrase of appreciation while you are paying for your purchase. (Giving up your money.)

Do you remember the last time you heard that phrase?

I heard it just the other day. Isn't that nice? Maybe, because I heard it not from a person but from a machine. The self-check out machine thanked me for shopping at the store. Although the person who came over to help me when I ran into a problem only gave me a look of "How stupid can you be?"

I don't like using the self-check out machine for several reasons all related to how annoying I find them. I only use them because the lines are shorter. But at least it says thank you. And that is something few people are saying as I give them my money.

Isn't that interesting? Stores are programing their machines to say "Thank you" while neglecting to train their staff to say the same thing or to show appreciation for the customer period.

Didn't they hear about the recession?

It costs nothing to remind staff to treat customers like guests (the Disney model).

Repeat after me, "Thank you". How difficult is that. By the way when you give me my change back - that was already my money - I might thank you but I don't need to.

When I give you my money to buy from your store I am supporting your job.

A warm thank you would be appreciated.

Handling me back my change while saying "There you go" is a long way from "Thank you for shopping."

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