Thursday, September 03, 2009

Offensive Roofers

Roofers: Why are they so obnoxious?
It’s happened more that once. A neighbor is getting their roof re-shingled. It’s normal to hear the sound of hammers or staple guns. I understand that.

Why do we need to hear the blaring sound of a radio station? The guys doing the shingle work seem to be twenty-something so their taste in music is very different from mine. They open the doors of the truck and blast the radio so they can listen while they are hammering on the roof.


Don’t they realize that they are marketing?

I make a mental note of the company name and resolved not to hire them.

If you and your staff don’t care about offending me and my neighbors – I don’t want to hire you.

When I meet with my clients I don’t walk in with a boom box and play my music while we discuss whether they will hire me.

If you are my neighbor you have the right to enjoy the music that you like. You don’t have the right to inflect your music on me.

If you are a contractor you have the right to do your job. You don’t have the right to assault me with unnecessary noise that I might find offensive.

If you are a contractor, you pay your workers to work – not to be entertained.

If you want to find any more business in this neighborhood you better be nice to the neighborhood.

George Torok


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