Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 26: More Channels for more hooks

Power Marketing Tip 26:

More Channels Equals More Hooks

In the five million channel universe how many channels are you broadcasting on? It's a long way from the days of less than a dozen TVchannels broadcasting in black and white to audiences without remote controls. People had to get up from the couch and turn the dial to change channels. It was easy to hold their attention.

To get noticed and reach your market today you need to be sending your message on more than one channel. Not every channel but at least a few.
Some channels of marketing that you might use: direct mail, sponsorship, networking, telemarketing, special events, trade shows, client meetings, info-seminars, award programs, newsletters...

You might promote through the media on TV, Radio or in print. You could advertise or leverage public relations.

You have many choices online. You can choose from websites,blogs, ezines, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more.

You don't need to be everywhere. But your clients and prospects need to believe you are everywhere.

Strong relationships
To maintain strong relationships with your clients you need to connect with them on several channels. Why? Because having a multiple channel relationship makes the relationship stronger.

For example: If you talk to people only by email - that is pretty cold and one dimensional. It's very easy to dismiss such a relationship.

Count the hooks
Imagine how difficult it would be to stop doing business with you if you call your client regularly, send him informative newsletters about the industry, sponsor his daughter's soccer team, promote on the local radio station, mail post cards from across the country, contribute to the industry magazine, attend the association convention and are godmother to his youngest son.

Those are a lot of strong hooks.

How many hooks do you need? One strong hook might be okay but why risk it? I suggest that you have at least three strong hooks to hold your clients to you. And have some secondary hooks to sweeten the connection for them. Then they will see you everywhere and keep doing business with you.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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