Monday, June 01, 2009


Exceptional resort - The Rosseau - a JW Marriot

Most of us have had horrible experiences at hotels - especially hotels that claim to be first class and then treat customers like dumb sheep. Ask me about the Marriot in Halifax if you want to hear a horror story.

Sometimes it is the poor design of the hotel, more often the arrogant policies of management toward customers and most often poorly trained staff.

Recently I had an exceptional experience at The Rosseau - a JW Marriot in Muskoka, Ontario.

The wilderness setting in Muskoka was gorgeous. The new building was incredible. The room was

But what really impressed was the attitude, behaviour and personality of the staff. You can tell when staff has been well recruited and well trained.

When we arrived the doorman introduced himself and asked our names. By the time we reached the second person - he called us by name and introduced himself. While at dinner the servers checked in with us several times. At breakfast the server noticed that my omelet was under cooked. She eagerly offered to get me a replacement and apologized for the inconvenience.

When I checked with others at the same conference they also confirmed the amazing attention to detail. We agreed that it was the little things that made the difference.

The Rosseau - A JW Marriot - top of the line experience.

George Torok


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