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Power Marketing Tip 22: Magic Words Shape Relationships

Power Marketing Tips 22:

Magic Words Shape Relationships

It costs nothing except your attention to the words that you and your team use with clients and prospects - and with each other.

Three relationship enhancing phrases

Please, thank you and you're welcome. These words seem to be missing in action.

Have you noticed that many business owners and managers are not paying attention to the words that their staff uses? Powerful leaders have fostered revolutions with their choice of words. You can shape warmer relationships by using the magic words.

How would you feel as the client in these examples?


The bank teller stated, "Swipe your card and enter your PIN." It sounded like a command - not a request. The word, "Please", was sadly missing. I dutifully complied.

Thank you

You made your purchase and paid your bill. The seller neglects to say "ThankYou". You wait for your change and without thinking you respond with "Thank you" after the seller gives you your change while saying, "There you go." If you thought about it - you would realize that you just thanked someone for giving you back your own money. Yet the seller never thanked you for buying from them. Who should be thanking who?

You're Welcome

You thanked someone. What do you expect to hear? How about, "You're welcome."What do you hear? "No problem."What's the difference? The first is a positive, cheery and encouraging comment.The second is negative, diminutive and dismissive. Imagine the difference between a doormat that says "Welcome" and one that says "No Problem".

If you want to build warmer relationships use these three simple phrases.Please - thank you - you're welcome.

You might not start a revolution but you'll stand out as extraordinary!

George Torok

Power Marketing

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Susan Fenner PhD, Manager of Education & Professional Development, IAAP

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