Thursday, May 21, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 21: Raving Testiomonials

Power Marekting Tip 21:

Get more raving testimoninals

The last Power Marketing Tip explained how to leverage your client testimonials. This tip will show you how to get more raving testimonials.

How do you get a raging stream of raving testimonials?

Ask and ask often.

If you want - you gotta ask. When should you ask? You can ask while you are closing the deal. Say, "Thank you for the order. You are going to be very happy with our service. I have a small but important favor to ask. When the job is done and assuming that you are satisfied with our service, would you write a glowing testimonial for us?"

Smile when you say this. Use the word "glowing" or "raving" because your client might laugh when they hear it and they will remember your request along with their agreement later.

Another time to ask is whenever your client complements you. This could be before during or after the delivery of your service. Thank them for their feedback and say, "It would help us if more people could hear your comments. Would you put that in writing for me?"

You can remind them when the job is done by saying or writing a note, "We enjoyed working with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show our stuff. I look forward to receiving that raving testimonial from you."

Help them write the letter.

Most people need some help to write a good letter. How can you help them help you? Offer to draft a letter for them. Say, "I know it takes time and effort to write a glowing testimonial. Would it be okay for me to draft a letter for you? You can change anything you want or use as is." Most people will accept your offer because they want to please you and they will not sign anything that they don' t like.

Naturally, we're assuming that you deliver outstanding service.

Enjoy that raging stream of glowing testimonials.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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