Monday, April 06, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 19: Offer Hope

Power Marketing Tip 19:

Offer Hope

The new US president is clearly an icon of hope. He was elected on the hope that he offered and he is being accepted by the rest of the world for the hope they are counting on.
You are selling hope. Whatever product or service that you offer, the selling factor is hope.
What are your clients hoping for? How well are you addressing their hope? How will you deliver that hope?

Every person on this planet is motivated by hope. We can't get enough of it. We are ravenous for hope. We desire it, consume it and then want more. In that context hope is as much an essential as food, water and oxygen.

Hope is the antigen for fear
In this turbulent time of recession, unpredictability and rampant fears you must offer hope to your clients and prospects. What can you learn from President Obama?

Be more transparent
Tell people exactly what you can deliver and what they can expect from you. Don't be vague or misleading. Make your policies clear and evident. Don't hide behind "company rules".

Respect their fears
Recognize the fears of your clients and prospects. Respect them - weather you agree with their point of view or not. Point out what you are doing to mitigate those fears. That could be with testimonials, guarantees or extra options.

Be more visible
It's difficult to trust you when we can't see you. This is not the time to stop marketing. Be visible, be noticed and convey warmth and confidence. Call folks more often. Start a blog or get linked on the online social media. Hold a town hall meeting. Attend a tea party.

Offer solutions
A lot of things appear to be broken right now. Offer your clients solutions to fix things. Help them avoid problems that they haven't considered yet. Make those doable solutions. Appear as the fixer.

Challenge the status quo
The status quo isn't working so it's a good time to question "the way it's always been done". Just be sure to offer a viable alternative. In this turbulent time many folks are searching for a different approach. This is a good time to offer that unusual solution.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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