Friday, March 06, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 17: Night Light Marketing

Power Marketing Tip 17

Night Light Marketing

Is Your Night Light On?

I woke up in the middle of the night - which is not so unusual. But this time I noticed that the hallway looked extremely bright.I immediately wondered - why is the kitchen light on?

And when I finally roused myself from the stupor of sleep I walked to the kitchen to discover that the kitchen light was off. Further exploration and awakening discovered that all that shining light emanated from the tiny 1.5 volt night light in the bathroom that I had passed on my walk to the kitchen.

Funny how we can miss the real answer when we assume that we know the answer. It turns out we had been without a night light for a few days so the contrast was huge.'Wow!' I thought as I found my way back to bed - is that ever bright. And before I fell asleep again I mused for awhile about that night light. Doesn't everybody do this?

What a great marketing lesson. I would never notice that night light during theday when the sun is shinning or in the evening when other lights are on. But that night light shines like a beacon when everything is dark.

What are the learning points?

Shine where no one else is shining.
It's not about being bigger or more powerful.
Make noise when everyone else is silent.
Take a position where the competition is not.

Contrast is a powerful marketing strategy.
Stop fighting the competition. Instead go around them. Never go head-to-head with your competition. Instead - stand alone and be noticed. All it takes is1.5 volts.
Better marketing can be as simple as placing your night lights in the spots that everyone else leaves dark.

George Torok
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