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New Marketing Articles in Torok Library

New Marketing Articles in Torok Library

Is Your Night Light On?

I woke up in the middle of the night - which is not so unusual. But this time I noticed that the hallway looked extremely bright.I immediately wondered, “Why is the kitchen light on?” When I finally roused myself from the stupor of sleep, I walked to the kitchen to discover that the kitchen light was off. Further exploration and awakening discovered that all that shining light emanated from the tiny 1.5 volt night light in the bathroom which I had passed on my walk to the kitchen.

Marketing Disaster in the Details: Sears Catalogue Case

Marketing can make or break your business. Marketing is about sending messages. Marketing is everyone’s responsibility because each staff member sends messages about your business. Often your unintended messages have a greater impact then your intended messages.

How to make sponsorship work for you

Sponsoring is a friendly way of marketing. It’s much friendlier than advertising. When prospects are on the receiving end of your advertising they know that you are trying to sell them something. So naturally their guard goes up. They prepare to deflect your advertising assault. And they are looking for the fine print. They are searching for the lie in your claims. Mass market advertising can be the least effective form of marketing and it’s very expensive. Sponsorship can be very effective when you make your choices based on these five criteria.

Marketing Benefits vs. Features: Will it make me late for dinner?

Stop telling your customers about horsepower (feature) when they are concerned about missing dinner (benefit). One of the biggest marketing mistakes is to talk about features like horsepower when your customers only care about benefits like getting home for dinner. What are you marketing - Benefits or Features?

The Van Gogh Syndrome can kill your business

Vincent Van Gogh was an artistic genius. His work is an inspiration to artists and coveted by art fanciers. He was a superb artist. He challenged the norms and created powerful art. Van Gogh was unique. He was a master of his craft. He was a prolific artist. Today many of his paintings sell for millions of dollars. But he was a business failure...

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