Monday, March 30, 2009

The T mobile dance

Viral Marketing for T mobile

I'm not sure about the details of this video. However, it has over 9 million views and it's very entertaining. How's that for viral marketing?

Here is how they prepared for it. Clever.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Make people smile - Validate them

Want to see more smiling faces looking back at you? Validate people.

Watch this video for three reasons:

1. It will make you smile - guranteed.
2. It is a nice story.
3. It demonstrates the key principle of building relationships.

Everyone should watch this video.
Everyone in customer service should watch this video.
If you are in retail - ask all your people to watch this video - every day!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 18: Marketing in the Recession

Power Marketing Tip 18

Marketing in the recession

Happy New Year and Happy Recession!

That's double the reasons to sharpen your marketing.

Business just streams in your door when times are good. When times are bad you need to run out onto the street and drag customers into your store. And when you get them there you need to demonstrate overwhelming value. You do that with superior marketing.
Marketing is more critical to your success in a recession. This is a good time to review and energize your marketing for the coming year.

In preparing for the year ahead ask yourself some important questions about your marketing.
How will you get more from your marketing this year?

Start with, "What did you do last year and how well did it work?"

List all the types of marketing you did. Then rate each with three elements.

The amount of business it brought you
Your investment in that form of marketing - money or time
A, B or C rating (see below)

A It works just fine
B It seems worthwhile but you wish it was better
C No signs that it is working

You can probably remove the C items from your plan for this year. That will free up some resources to focus on the things that work.

Look at the A activities for ways to improve your return on investment. Either reduce your costs or systematize the process to improve efficiency.

Review B activities with an eye to improving effectiveness at no or little increase in your investment.

Measure the effectiveness of your B marketing activities by one of these three criteria:
Grab Attention
Demonstrate value
Build relationships

Your marketing must do at least one of those things better than your competition. In a recession demonstrating value is most important, with building relationships coming in a close second. Grabbing attention is easier in a recession because a lot of your competition will be pulling back on their marketing. They might not be in business by the end of the year.

In a recession there will be the quick and the dead. Choose to thrive by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing now.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Marketing Articles in Torok Library

New Marketing Articles in Torok Library

Is Your Night Light On?

I woke up in the middle of the night - which is not so unusual. But this time I noticed that the hallway looked extremely bright.I immediately wondered, “Why is the kitchen light on?” When I finally roused myself from the stupor of sleep, I walked to the kitchen to discover that the kitchen light was off. Further exploration and awakening discovered that all that shining light emanated from the tiny 1.5 volt night light in the bathroom which I had passed on my walk to the kitchen.

Marketing Disaster in the Details: Sears Catalogue Case

Marketing can make or break your business. Marketing is about sending messages. Marketing is everyone’s responsibility because each staff member sends messages about your business. Often your unintended messages have a greater impact then your intended messages.

How to make sponsorship work for you

Sponsoring is a friendly way of marketing. It’s much friendlier than advertising. When prospects are on the receiving end of your advertising they know that you are trying to sell them something. So naturally their guard goes up. They prepare to deflect your advertising assault. And they are looking for the fine print. They are searching for the lie in your claims. Mass market advertising can be the least effective form of marketing and it’s very expensive. Sponsorship can be very effective when you make your choices based on these five criteria.

Marketing Benefits vs. Features: Will it make me late for dinner?

Stop telling your customers about horsepower (feature) when they are concerned about missing dinner (benefit). One of the biggest marketing mistakes is to talk about features like horsepower when your customers only care about benefits like getting home for dinner. What are you marketing - Benefits or Features?

The Van Gogh Syndrome can kill your business

Vincent Van Gogh was an artistic genius. His work is an inspiration to artists and coveted by art fanciers. He was a superb artist. He challenged the norms and created powerful art. Van Gogh was unique. He was a master of his craft. He was a prolific artist. Today many of his paintings sell for millions of dollars. But he was a business failure...

George Torok
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Customer Service Language - Missing in Action

Customer Service Language

Please, thank you and you’re welcome - are missing in action.

Language influences perceptions. Perceptions determine understanding and misunderstanding and hence beliefs. And people decide based on their beliefs.

People decide to buy or not – to praise or vilify – to support or shun.

Powerful leaders have fostered revolutions with their choice of words.

Carefully chosen words move people.

Then why do so many customer service managers not pay more attention to the words that their front line customer service staff uses?

Here are three simple yet powerful phrases that seem to be painfully vanishing from customer service language.

The bank teller stated, “Swipe your card and enter your PIN.” It sounded like a command – not a request. The word, “Please”, was sadly missing. I dutifully complied.

Thank you
You made your purchase and pay your bill. The clerk neglects to say “Thank You”. You wait for your change and without thinking you respond with “Thank you” after the clerk gives you your own money back. If you thought about it – you would realize that you just thanked someone for giving you back your own money – yet they never thanked for giving them a job by making your purchase. Who should be thanking who?

You’re Welcome
You thanked someone – deserved or not. What do you expect to hear? How about, “You’re welcome.” What do you hear? “No problem.”

What’s the difference? The first is a positive, cheery and encouraging comment. The second is negative, diminutive and dismissive. Imagine the difference between a doormat that says “Welcome” and one that says “No Problem”.

If you want to convey superior customer service – use these three simple phrases.

Please - thank you - you're welcome.

You'll be standing out from the masses.

George Torok
Marketing Speaker
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Friday, March 06, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 17: Night Light Marketing

Power Marketing Tip 17

Night Light Marketing

Is Your Night Light On?

I woke up in the middle of the night - which is not so unusual. But this time I noticed that the hallway looked extremely bright.I immediately wondered - why is the kitchen light on?

And when I finally roused myself from the stupor of sleep I walked to the kitchen to discover that the kitchen light was off. Further exploration and awakening discovered that all that shining light emanated from the tiny 1.5 volt night light in the bathroom that I had passed on my walk to the kitchen.

Funny how we can miss the real answer when we assume that we know the answer. It turns out we had been without a night light for a few days so the contrast was huge.'Wow!' I thought as I found my way back to bed - is that ever bright. And before I fell asleep again I mused for awhile about that night light. Doesn't everybody do this?

What a great marketing lesson. I would never notice that night light during theday when the sun is shinning or in the evening when other lights are on. But that night light shines like a beacon when everything is dark.

What are the learning points?

Shine where no one else is shining.
It's not about being bigger or more powerful.
Make noise when everyone else is silent.
Take a position where the competition is not.

Contrast is a powerful marketing strategy.
Stop fighting the competition. Instead go around them. Never go head-to-head with your competition. Instead - stand alone and be noticed. All it takes is1.5 volts.
Better marketing can be as simple as placing your night lights in the spots that everyone else leaves dark.

George Torok
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