Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stupid email marketing

Stupid email marketing

There's a lot of stupid email flying around. I realize that everyone has a learning curve - but why make stupid mistakes when there is so much helpful information on how to use email effectively?

One of the ways to improve your own learning is to notice and learn from the mistakes of others. For that reason I have included the following email that I received.

I usually delete these emails quickly - but this is such a good example of really bad email marketing that I want you to learn from it - and avoid the same mistakes.

As you read this email, consider the following:
  • I don't know this person or company,
  • can you figure out what they are selling?
  • what is the benefit?
  • why should anyone call?
  • what does any of this have to do with the headline - golf shoes?
Read and don't make the same mistakes.

To: info
Subject: Golf shoes - please read. (2/19/2009)


I represent a company called Star Position Search & Navigation Solutions, a company that does what's known as advanced search engine placement. We reach a Network of over 33 million people who are predominantly US based. Our Network is entirely opt-in, and the users on our Network allow us to present them with a preferred choice whenever they are looking for anything on the top sixteen search engines. (GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN and thirteen others.)

I seek one source to send the users on our Network, from the major search engines, for different types of golf shoes.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I am in the office daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific time.

Best regards,

Kathleen Daigle
Sales Manager,
Star Position Search & Navigation Solutions
Phone: 800.481.2979, ext 2003


Did you also notice that the email was addressed to "info"? Very impersonal.

Did you notice that as vague as the email is - it is all about them - not about me or how they could help me?

Did you feel compelled to call - or delete?

I replied to this email and asked her what is she selling. I'll let you know what I learn.

Oops - I forgot to thank her for the good example of a stupid email.

George Torok
Marketing Expert
Executive Marketing Briefing


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Curt Skene, CHt CNLP said...

George this is a SPAM farm. Somewhere on your site is likely an info@ email address and the SPAMBOT found it and now you are on the list. These guys are sending out millions of these so they are purely playing the numbers game.