Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Power Marketing Tip 15: Be a name dropper

Power Marketing Tip 15:

Be a name dropper

Imagine if golf legend Tiger Woods, tennis champion Roger Federer or movie star Angelina Jolie helped you promote your business.

Here's the big bonus for you: You don't need to pay them the huge sums of money they ordinarily command.

You know that having that kind of star power on your side can help you get better noticed, valued and remembered.

How do you do that?

Drop their names in your conversations as you explain how your product or service follows the principles practiced by these great ones.

For example, when I talk to my prospects about how to transform their marketing results from good to great I point to the three things that helped Tiger Woods get from good to great. He has a natural talent which got him started. Then he continued to grow and improve by implementing systems. And finally he works with his coach to identify and adjust the details to reach and maintain greatness.

My clients have talent and systems already. I offer to improve their marketing systems and provide the coaching to get to greatness.

How can you do this?

Examine your product or service and list the key aspects of it. Then distil the list to about three elements. Look at well known and respected individuals or organizations who illustrate these elements clearly.

The champions that you choose could be dead or alive, fictional or real. The key is to pick someone well known and well respected for the relevant qualities.

The menu of names is unlimited:

Warren Buffet, Mary Kay Ash, Oprah, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Cash, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc...

By aligning with greatness you are perceived to be great.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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