Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Apology to Nigel Wrench

My apology to Nigel Wrench

Yesterday I did a stupid thing. I wrote a nasty email to Mr. Nigel Wrench of Digital Art and Graphics.

I aplogized directly to Mr Wrench. This is my public apology.

When I received his email I did not remember that I had previously met this person. I jumped to the conclusion that his email was SPAM because of the distribution list of names.

And I over reacted. I responded with a nasty email and copied it to the same list. That was a dumb thing for me to do.

A few good lessons for me:

  1. Never write a nasty letter or email to anyone – regardless how you feel at that moment.
  2. If you break lesson number one – don’t send the email for at least 24 hours. That will give you time to think.
  3. When you are offering advice – do it only to the individual concerned and don't criticize.
  4. If you think that you don’t know the individual you might simply ask them, “How do I know you?” or “Where have we met?”
  5. If it appears that your purpose was only to hurt – don’t do it.

George Torok


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