Friday, January 02, 2009

Knievel Jumps Fire Volcano at Mirage in Vegas

Kneivel Jumps Fire Volcano at Mirage in Vegas

The Mirage Casino Hotel in Las Vegas just reopened the fire volcano after an eleven-month renovation. Perhaps the fire volcano at the Mirage was being over shadowed by the fountains of the Belagio. The Casino Hotels in Las Vegas are a good example of competing in a tough market. The casinos are continuously rebuilding to be better than the rest.

The Mirage rebuilt the fire volcano. It is one of the free things that anyone can watch in Las Vegas. But being spectacular and free is never enough - especially in Las Vegas.

So what did The Mirage do to promote the Fire Volcano and the Mirage even more? They arranged for Robbie Knievel, the son of daredevil, Evil Knievel, to jump his motorcycle over the fire volcano on New Year's Eve.

Enjoy the video.

What will you do to promote your business this year?

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