Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jumpstart Your Networking for 2009


by Roz Usheroff

Recently, I had a conversation with a longstanding client. Having just missed the latest downsizing in his Fortune 500 company, he reminded me of our discussion in 1997, when I cautioned him to be proactive. "Don't wait until you need a network to start building one," I had said. Unlike many today, my client is so well connected that he is optimistic about the future and expanding his network weekly…just in case.

The corporate world has changed dramatically. To survive and thrive, you must become your best PR person. A respected colleague and marketing guru, George Torok, author of Secrets of Power Marketing, states that "you must be seen. You must be heard. People must talk about you. And they must know where to find you." So, let's start 2009 with a fresh approach.

As you create your 2009 resolutions, make networking a must. As I reiterate in my seminars, your network is your networth. Whether you are looking for a job or not, you must continuously network, promoting yourself and your expertise to management, peers and those in positions to champion you. This lays the groundwork for your next career move, and it distinguishes you from your competition.

The challenge for some people, however, is that they confuse networking with being insincere or fluffy. Sometimes this is just a cover for social insecurity, or bone-laziness. Ultimately, the purpose of networking is:

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Written by Roz Usheroff



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