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February promotion ideas

Thinking of running a promotion in February? Then you might be able to leverage some of these special days and celebrations in February.

Calendar of Events/Publicity Opportunities
By Pam Lontos

If your expertise fits any of these topics, take advantage by sending out a press release to newspaper, television and radio stations, or call up the media directly! For example, if you are a doctor, nurse, medical expert or author who specializes in cardiology, you'll want to let the media know about your expertise for "American Heart Month," which is February. You can share your advice on how to build a heart-healthy diet, how to recognize thecommon symptoms of heart disease, and more.

Use these dates to create your own media opportunities by writing press releases on these topics, contacting radio stations in your area, or becoming a featured expert on television or in print:

- February is American Heart Month - During this time, the American Heart Association will shine the spotlight on their campaign, "Go Red for Women."This campaign strives to bring awareness to women about cardio vascular disease, which claims the lives of 500,000 women each year.

- February is National Black History Month - A month to celebrate the achievements and contributions of African Americans.

- February is International Boost Self-Esteem Month/Expect Success - These events were created to motivate people to seize new challenges, and emphasize the importance of expecting nothing more than one's best effort on any project or challenge.

- February is Time Management Month - A reminder that now is the time to get organized and follow through with commitments, particularly those that were made with the New Year.

- The first week in February is Publicity for Profit Week - A time to learn how to rely on someone else to gain publicity, but to develop a strategy one can implement to get his or her name out there.

- The second week in February is International Flirting Week - A week designed to celebrate the role flirting plays in the lives of singles seeking a mate, couples who want to spice things up, and total strangers exchanging glances.

- February 2 is Groundhog Day

- February 10 is World's Marriage Day - A day to honor the beauty of faithfulness, and the sacrifice and joy of daily-married life.

- February 14 is Valentine's Day- February 18 is Presidents Day

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