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Best Marketing Posts of 2008

Marketing Blog Posts - Best of 2008

Cycle City in Burlington declares bankruptcy

My motorcycle dealer is bankrupt. The notice in the newspaper screamed that message and announced the two-day bankruptcy sale. By “my” dealer I mean the one where I bought my motorcycle.

Rimrock Resort Banff - Where is my room?

Room 940?
I recently stayed at the Rimrock Resort in Banff, Alberta while speaking at a conference for the IT industry. The view from anywhere in Banff is breath taking. The Rimrock Hotel is perched on the side of a mountain.

Branding is a perverted type of relationship

Watch this video of George Torok speaking at the First Canadian Apple Reseller Summit in Niagara Falls.Apple Resllers are faced with the challenging prospect of competing with Apple Computer who is competiting directly with the Appler resellers. This is very upsetting to the Apple Resellers who have supported Apple for decades. Suddenly the hand that feeds you is biting you.

The Legend of Colonel Sanders

Enjoy this informative, inspiring and insightful analysis of the legend of Colonel Sanders by Marketing expert, Perry Marshall.

Go jump off a tall building

Have you heard that expression? Has anyone ever said it to you? Have you ever expressed to someone else? Be careful what you say to people. Bob Hooey took it literally. Yep, he jumped off a tall building - 27 stories tall.

Viral marketing: Photoshop & Iran Missile-gate

Who’s pulling the strings – Photoshop or Iran?This is a good example of viral marketing.It’s clear to me that the winner of this media party is Photoshop.

YouTube Video for Marketing

YouTube video for marketingShould you post a video on YouTube to promote your business?Like many things about the social networking websites of the Internet - the answer is yes and maybe.

Funerals Learn from Weddings

What can funerals learn from weddings?The funeral business has faced massive changes and pressures from within and without over the past few decades.

Iron Man

Iron Man - the latest movie from Marvel ComicsWatch the trailer. It looks sharp. Looks like Marvel has successfully made the transition from comic book producer to movie producer.

Be Afraid, be very afraid of scaring your customers

The two masters of business are fear and greed. You probably know that greed fuels a bull market and fear darkens the bear. But are you aware of how important these two emotions are to your business?

Tom Cruise getting Ducati Super bike

There is an important marketing lesson about getting media coverage in this recent news item about the new Ducati superbike.

Radio Interviews - How to be a guest expert

One simple way to build your brand, your credibility and reach is to be the guest expert featured in radio interviews. It is simple efficient and effective - if you know the techniques.

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