Friday, October 31, 2008

Power Marketing Tips 11: Blue Man Group

Power Marketing Tips 11:

Blue Man Group

Ask a friend who has seen the Blue Man Group to describe them to you. If you have seen the Blue Man Group, then try to describe the group to a friend or more importantly how you felt about the show. (I just saw them for the second time.)

The impression
Words like amazing, awesome, energizing, funny, unique, incredible and captivating might flow over your tongue.

If that's the impression the Blue Man Group creates then the next question is, "How do they create that impression?"

The elements
There are three guys dressed in black with blue latex masks covering their head and neck. They don't speak. They pantomime, play percussion on funny plastic pipes, splash colored paint, mix in multimedia and have an awesome light show.

Who else does that?

No one. Although none of those individual things are unique the combination is.

What does that mean to you as a marketer?

What words do your clients use to say how they feel about buying from you? If your clients are not using the words you prefer what can you change to encourage those words?

How would your best clients describe the elements of your product or service? More importantly - who else does that? If the answer is almost everybody then you need to change the mix.

The success of the Blue Man Group is not due to any one element of their show. It's the combination of elements that make them successful. It's the combination that attracts audiences and encourages audiences to tell their friends about the experience.

What's in your mix? What could you add to the mix?

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sudbury Chamber Event

Sudbury Chamber Event

The following is an excerpt from the Sudbury Star.


Motivational speaker in town Tuesday

A Hamilton author and radio show host who believes image is crucial to attracting and retaining clientele will be in Greater Sudbury on Tuesday.

George Torok, who coauthored "Secrets of Power Marketing" and hosts "Business in Motion," a weekly radio show in Hamilton, will host a six-hour event. It will include a workshop ("The Secrets of Power Marketing") and keynote speech ("The Secrets of Success").

Set for 8 a. m.-2 p. m. at the Holiday Inn on Regent Street, Torok's workshop will run from 8:30-11:30 a. m. The keynote speech will be given from noon-2 p. m.

"Motivational, very engaging, colloquial and energetic is perhaps the best way to sum him up," said Jonathan Laderoute, a Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce spokesman. "Back and forth with the audience is what he does: he feeds off it."

As of Tuesday, tickets were still available and can be obtained individually for the workshop, keynote speech or both.

The cost for the workshop is $90 for chamber members and $125 for everyone else. Cost to attend the keynote address is $60 for chamber members and $90 for nonmembers. To attend the entire event, the cost is $120 for chamber members and $170 for non-members.

Tickets can be obtained by calling the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce at 673-7133.

George Torok

Marketing Expert & Speaker

Monday, October 27, 2008

Questions about CAN-SPAM

PDF: Dozen Key Questions Answered on Latest CAN-SPAM Provisions

SUMMARY: Three email pros answered 12 questions during a recent webinar on what marketers need to know about the latest provisions for CAN-SPAM. Here is a transcript of that session.

Hope Hopkins, Membership Content Manager, MarketingSherpa, realized that many Sherpa members still had questions about the new CAN-SPAM provisions. She organized an event with a trio of authorities who discussed what the recent changes mean by responding to a dozen questions.The webinar served to put a bow on this issue for many members who were seeking more clarification on new CAN-SPAM provisions.We share a transcript of that session with you.

Click to continue(Open access=permanent)
This will open a pdf document.


If you want to know what is and isn't SPAM - read this panel interview.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get First Page on Google

Get First Page on Google Searches

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Basics and Tips
Jim Estill

Do you want to get first page on Google? If you have a web page or blog, you likely already are first page for some searches. With a bit of SEO, you can gain first page on more searches. And its simple.

The first and most obvious step is think about what words or phrases you want to be first page on.

Once you have that list, determine how many people are searching for those terms. To check how popular a search is you will need a tool. I use Wordtracker (there is a free online version). The higher the number, the more popular the search. No point in trying to optimize for a word or phrase that is rarely searched.

There is also no point in trying to optimize for a word that is too popular because getting a high ranking there will be almost impossible.

Think about "long tail"

Think about how people will search. People often search with a question. EG where do I find X? Or where do I find Y in Canada. The longer the string, the less competition you will have for it so the easier you will get ranked.

So make the list of phrases you want to "own" and ones that are realistic to "own".

Now it is simple. Just put these words and phrases in your titles, picture descriptions, videos and in your text. The titles are the most important. That is why a blog called "Shrimp Fish Soup Recipes" will get good Google juice on all 4 words. So searching "Shrimp soup" will get first page. Or "fish soup recipes" or "Shrimp recipes" etc.

Yes you want to repeat your words and phrases often in the text. This said - write naturally. Never let SEO be a substitute for good content.

So you do this and you still are not first page. That is because you do not have enough credibility with Google. You need another free tool to check this. I use a free Firefox plugin called searchstatus. It gives me both the PageRank and the Alexa rating of any web page. Higher PageRank numbers are better. High credibility is your ultimate goal as that is what gets you ranked first and Alexa tells you traffic (a lower number is better)

How do you increase your PageRank?

It is all about quality inbound links. You want people with a high credibility (PageRank 4+) to link to you - eg Wall St Journal would be great. More is better and link rank is almost logarithmic so a PageRank of 6 is worth 10 times one of 5 etc.

This said, for you to get a link from an 8 rated site like would not increase your rank in the business genre. Sites are ranked for relevance.

The best inbound links are contextual. So someone blogging and saying I heard time management guru John Doe speak and hot linking from "Time management guru" is great for John Doe. Second best, hot link from "John Doe". Third is just having a link on a blogroll without any context.

You get a higher rank if you update your content regularly. That is why having a blog on your site is a good way to increase your ranking.

Moderate cross linking within your own material will also increase your rank and clarify for google what it is that you do.

3 ways to get links to your site:

1 - Ask politely. You might not always get a link but it never hurts to ask.

2 - Comment on other relevant blogs (and have your PageRank on so you ignore low PageRank and high alexa). Note that most comments in themselves do not constitute a link. But being out there gets people to look at you. You need people to look at your stuff for them to be inspired to link to it.

3 - Have good material. People link to quality. But of course they have to see it so promote your content:

Have your URL on all your print material, cards, letterhead, email sig file etc
Write guest articles and blogs in the right (high traffic) places (check the Alexa).
PR - get written about
Contribute to other sites. EG write reviews on Amazon, join the conversations.

And a word of warning. Never play games (like buying links).

In the end it is about having good quality material. And being out there so people look at your material. People link to quality without you asking as long as they know about it.

Jim Estill is the CEO of SYNNEX Canada, a $2 Billion distributor of computers.

To learn more about his successful business strategies, visit his blog at

Jim Estill's CEO blog at also has information on ordering his audio book and ebook, Time Leadership.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Power Marketing Tips 10: Legend

Power Marketing Tips 10: What is your legend?

What story do your clients talk about when they hear your name? Is it about your legendary service, unusual origin, crazy character or strange obsessions?

Do you have a story that should be told but isn't?

KFC continues to promote the legend of "the secret recipe". This is a recent news report.
"Colonel Harland Sanders' handwritten recipe of 11 herbs and spices was removed from safekeeping at KFC's corporate office in Louisville, Kentucky for the first time in decades."

Apparently it was moved to "an undisclosed location" to allow updating of security measures. It was temporarily relocated amid much fanfare about security measures. The recipe was placed in a locked box which was handcuffed to the arm of a security expert, (a former New York Police detective) who stepped into an armored car that was escorted by off duty police escorts.

Notice how KFC dramatized the legend to make this a news story.

The legend could be about the business or the individual. Donald Trump has built his legend of being big, bold and brassy. His legend is so powerful that landlords are willing to pay the Donald a royalty of up to US$20 M to put the Trump name on their high rise buildings. Yes, Trump doesn't own every building named Trump.

Lance Armstrong, Stephen Hawking and Oprah are legendary for overcoming the incredible obstacles in their lives.

Walt Disney is legendary for his vision and creativity, the Disney parks for the memorable customer experience and Domino's Pizza for their bold promise of "hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it's free".

What's your legend? Is it being told and retold by your clients and the market? If not, you might need to review, rediscover or repackage your legend.

Don't be a legend in your own mind. Be a legend in the minds of your prospects and clients.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Branding is a perverted type of relationship

Branding is a perverted type of relationship

Watch this video of George Torok speaking at the First Canadian Apple Reseller Summit in Niagara Falls.

Apple Resllers are faced with the challenging prospect of competing with Apple Computer who is competiting directly with the Appler resellers. This is very upsetting to the Apple Resellers who have supported Apple for decades. Suddenly the hand that feeds you is biting you.

What do you do?

That was the focus of discussion at this event in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Of course - some folks didn't like the answers they heard.

Enjoy this video of marketing expert, George Torok speaking on the panel for the Apple Resellers.

Next year this event will be held in Toronto.

George Torok
Channel Next

Science of Influencing Others

Science of Influencing Others

Enjoy this excellent article at Marketing Sherpa on the topic of influence while you can. It is only open until October 21.

SUMMARY: Influencing others isn't luck or magic - it's science. There are proven ways to help make you more successful as a marketer and an office politician.We talked to a renowned expert on the science of influence and pulled excerpts from two of his books to demonstrate ways to make people say "yes" to your messaging and management. Includes links to scientific studies and takeaways to use at work or at home.

Click to continue (Open access until October 21st)


If you miss the article the six principcles are listed below:

Six Principles of Influence

1. Reciprocity
2. Social Proof
3. Commitment and Consistency
4. Liking
5. Authority
6. Scarcity

George Torok
Marketing Speaker
Canadian Business Speaker

Monday, October 13, 2008

Twitter: Should you be there?

Twitter: Should you be there?

I'm not yet decided on this Twitter thing and I decided to check it out.

I certainly made the wrong quick judgement about blogging - and look at me now.

I just created my account on Twitter and you are welcome to "follow me" on Twitter.

I welcome your feedback.

George Torok on Twitter

Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Marketing Articles on Power Marketing

New marketing articles on Power Marketing site

Here are two new articles published on the Power Marketing site.


Marketing in tough times: A golden opportunity

Less money coming in? Business a little slow? What should you do about your marketing? If you answered, ‘less’ you are in the majority and making a big mistake. When times are tight the knee jerk reaction is do less marketing. That’s why you should do more. Stand out from your competition – zig when they zag. (1010 words)

What do your best customers smell like?
What you should know about your best customers

Think about how a hunter tracks their prey. They learn the habits, smells, likes and dislikes. You can do the same to find your big game. Here is a sampling of the information you might collect about your best customers; clubs and associations of which they are members, where they live, what they read, their education, special interests, sports and hobbies, recreation, demographics & ethno graphics, etc. (1000 words)

George Torok
Power Marketing

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Power Marketing Tips 09: Back to School

Power Marketing Tips 09:

Are you ready for back to school?

Back-to-school marketing opportunities

It's back-to-school time in North America and other regions of the world. The back-to-school sales are in full force. That includes the usual clothing, various school supplies and electronics. Apparently the returning student not only needs a new computer but an iPod and iPhone as well.

Even if you don't sell school related supplies, back-to-school presents a marketing opportunity for you.

Where are the opportunities? Explore these ideas to find the one for you.

Parents will be spending money to bribe their progeny to return to school and to study hard. After the exhausting buying spree many of these parents will feel that they deserve to treat themselves.

You deserve a break.
Coffee shops, restaurants and Spas can offer back to school specials for the stay at home parents who want to celebrate the end of another summer.

Resort hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and travel agents might offer a weekend getaway for the deserving parents.

You can not afford to be left behind.
Accountants, lawyers and financial planners might offer (free or paid) seminars with the reminder that your future depends on you going back to school too.

Almost any business could mail a letter with the heading, "The kids are back in school. Now is a good time for you to seriously think about ______"

You might brag that you and your staff are going back to school to continue improving your expertise and skills to better serve clients.

You could hold a three R's sale or special event. The three R's related to schooling were Reading, (W)riting and (A)rithmetic. You could redefine the three R's to some aspects of your business - Relaxation, Roughage and Reinvention.

Find the back-to-school promotion that fits best for you. And if you miss this opportunity then start planning now for Halloween.


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George Torok
Marketing Speaker
Marketing Author