Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marketing Tune Up

Time for your Marketing Tune Up

All machines need regular maintenance. That keeps them reliable, predictable and cost effective. A machine is simply a set of tools and systems working together. Your marketing should run like a dependable machine.

I suggest that you tune-up your marketing at least once a year. If you do that you will save money and improve the performance of the machine. If your marketing machine is running ineffectively or inefficiently your business will cough, stall or worse, break down.

If you are overdue for your marketing tune-up don’t be embarrassed, just hurry up and get tested. You’ll feel much better after. And your business will thank you. Read on to get started with your marketing tune-up. For more help visit www.MarketingTuneUp.ca.
Read the rest of this article in April's edition of Enterprise Magazine.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Audi - Iron Man

Audi - Iron Man

Here it is - the Audi car ad that leverages the Iron Man movie cross promotion.
Linking to the Iron Man movie makes the Audi look hi tech, sexy and expensive.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man - the latest movie from Marvel Comics

Watch the trailer. It looks sharp. Looks like Marvel has successfully made the transition from comic book producer to movie producer. Several Marvel Comics have been transformed into movies but this is the first movie that Marvel had produced since they decided that they could do it themselves. (It's always enlightning to watch a child grow up.) Can you guess the name of the theme song for the Iron Man movie? Hint: The band is Black Sabbath.

The Iron Man movie looks like it is first class. But what is truly impressive is the cross promotion with Audi. Watch for more about this marketing collaboration in future posts on this blog.

My interest in the Iron Man movie is as a marketer and as a Marvel Comics fan. I have more than a few Iron Man comics in my basement. So I will be watching the movie for accuracy. If your question is, "Who and what is Iron Man?" The short answer is, "Iron Man is a high tech version of Batman."

Comics fans will enjoy this comic database site.

George Torok
Marketing Expert
Marketing Speaker

Make the Emotional Sale

Make the Emotional Sale

Time for new running shoes.

I’m a runner. I have completed a couple marathons and several half and ¾ marathons. As you might imagine my running shoes are important to me. I want them to fit right, feel right and provide good cushion for my middle-aged knees

It’s not that I care much about the running shoes. I care about minimizing the aches and pains of my body and maximizing my ability to keep running.

Those two goals depend a lot on my running shoes. So the running shoes are a means to an end.

I have been buying my shoes from the Running Room for that last several years because they meet my emotional needs along with my physical needs.

The Running Room is not perfect. Recently I had to wait over one week for my shoes to arrive. And when they arrived the voice message stated that I had three days to claim my shoes. That implied threat annoyed me. I wait over a week and they are only willing to wait three days?

The sales person made the save on their behalf.

She helped me try on the shoes. And she noticed that I liked them tight. She watched how I tested the shoes. Then she commented on how I might keep them tight. I asked her to explain – so she demonstrated.

I tried the shoes again after using her tip and felt much better about the fit. And I left thinking that I had just discovered a new secret that would help my runs.

Most importantly I felt good about my shoes feeling right and continuing my running.

Her attention to my individual needs enabled her to offer me more value with her simple tip on tying my shoes differently. I left the store feeling special.

And I never asked the price of the shoes. When the price registered at over $150 I just automatically paid it.

Price doesn’t matter when your customer is emotionally satisfied.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Dumb name.

When I first saw the name "JYSK" on the store marquee I wondered what they sold and quickly forgot the name, "J... something?"

I wondered what they sold but not enough to go in the store.

I drove and walked past the JYSK store more times. Each time I wondered what they sold. And I wondered what was the correct way to say the name. I even tired to remember the name to Google it - but always forgot.

Then one time I noticed the subtitle on the sign – Bed, bath, home.

Ah – you mean like Home Sense?

Now there's a good name.

George Torok

Marketing Speaker

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Personal Marketing

Personal Marketing

What is personal marketing?
Personal marketing means making your marketing more personal – connecting better with people. Personal is about people.

Why should you be more personal in your marketing programs?
Connecting with people is the most powerful form of marketing that you can do. When you tap into the personal connection you have a loyal client.

What is the magic of personal marketing?
Personal marketing is about touching personal emotions and emtions defeat logic.

Is there anything better than personal marketing?
I don’t think so. What chance could impersonal marketing have against personal marketing?

Give us examples of personal marketing strategies.
Personal marketing includes building relationships, building trust, and connecting with people.

Give us examples of personal marketing techniques.
Know and use personal names. Say thank you. Say congratulations. Use personal testimonials. Talk directly to individuals not target groups.

What word is most important in personal marketing?
When writing marketing and sales copy the most personal word you should use is “you”. Talk directly to your readers or listeners not about them and certainly about yourself.

Give us an example of personal marketing.
Hillary Clinton shedding a tear - that was personal. That demonstrated that the message was personal – direct from her to the listener. You don’t need to shed a tear every time – but you need to make it personal. You need to connect with your listener.

George Torok

Marketing Speaker

Secrets of Power Marketing

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Marketing is everything you do

Marketing is everything you do

Marketing is about sending messages. Think of all the ways you send messages – whether you intend to or not. What is most important is the unintended messages that you might be sending.

The way you look
Your dress, manner and character say the most about you and your business. It is not so much how you look and sound but more importantly how people feel about how you look and sound.

What message do you want your phones to say about you and your business? Now go check to see what it really says.

Your staff
Your staff is a reflection of you. So if you think that you have ignorant, lazy and sloppy staff – look in the mirror.

Your material
You are not your business card. But if that is all we have – you are that business card – at least in our mind. And what could be more important than the image in the mind your prospects and contacts?

How do people check you out? The Internet. They use their favorite search engine – Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Do they wonder why you are so hard to find; wonder why your site is so difficult to navigate; wonder why it is so cold?

George Torok

Marketing Speaker

Monday, April 07, 2008

Networking for the Shy

Networking for the shy

Psychologist, Alfred Adler said this about shyness, “The shy see themselves naked in front of powerful people.”

If you are a shy networker here are some things for you to consider:

You are not naked. (unless you are attending a nudist colony)
No one can read your mind.
Individual power is a matter of self perception.

Good networking!

George Torok

Business Networking Tips

Business Networking Tips

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Marketing is not a license to lie

Marketing is not a license to lie

Let’s make something clear.

Just because you are marketing does not mean you can twist or misrepresent the truth. Marketing is about telling the truth.

Marketing is about telling your message is the most positive way. But it does not mean that you can lie.

Marketing is about telling your story. In fact the more warts in your story the more believable it can be.

Please don’t tell us that you are number one – if you are not.

The best!
Number one in the country!
The worlds greatest!

Don’t say those things unless you can back it up. And back it up. If you were voted number one by the community paper then state that. Don’t claim to be the nation’s number one.

Don’t lie.

George Torok

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spy on the competition

Spy on your competition with - SpyFu - https://www.spyfu.com/

The heck with marketing research when you can spy on them.

If information is power - this is a must have tool for the internet marketer. It helps you spy on your competition regarding their search engine strategy and reports back real numbers. Amazing stuff. Read what they say about their product.

SpyFu lets you see which keywords your competitors are buying and which ones they optimize their site for. Once you understand the competition, you can beat them at their own game or your can exploit their weaknesses.

We get our data directly from the source; there are no middlemen. Every month, we extract 125 million ads and search results directly...

You can try it for free.

George Torok

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