Saturday, November 15, 2008

Power Marketing Tip 12: Expect Major Delays

Power Marketing Tip 12

"Expect Major Delays"

Those were the words that jumped out at me from the sign in the middle of the street. This road construction sign demonstrated a few important marketing lessons for all of us.

Grab Attention
It grabbed my attention - the first role of good marketing. It was right in the middle of the road and it was bright fluorescent orange. I would have had to be blind to miss it. Is your marketing standing out or blending in?

Engage Emotions
Those few words grabbed my attention, engaged my emotions and conveyed a clear message. Review your print ads, your printed materials and websites. If you want to immediately engage your prospects use powerful words. And use as few words as necessary. Remember that images might look nice but it is powerful words that engage our emotions. Check your marketing copy for emotion stirring words.

Manage Expectations
When I saw that sign my immediate fear was that I would be waiting in my car a long time just to get home. Instead I slowed down for the rough road and breezed through. I felt lucky. Why? Because I was expecting a major delay. Instead it was quite minor.

Exceed Expectations
This might be the most important marketing lesson for you. Manage the expectations of your clients. Set the bar of expectations low enough so you can easily clear it. It's more important to clear the bar than to raise it. Don't promise delivery in three to five days. Your client hears three and when you deliver in four they think that you are late. Under promise and over deliver.

George Torok
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