Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Niagara College Alumni

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Recently I spoke to the Niagara College Alumni Toronto Chapter. This group was engaging and interested. I enjoyed speaking with them because they were at tentative and asked challenging questions.

I usually speak to business owners. So you can imagine how I enjoy speaking with students and recent graduates because they challenge my perspective and force me to rethink some things. It helps to keep me sharp.

Enjoy this commentary about my presentation.

George Torok


Hi George,

Thank you again for your presentation last week at Oakham House.

As well as the informative and insightful messages of your presentation, I must comment on your flexibility and commitment to personal conversations with the participants. I realize that the numbers were not at the level that we would have liked and some logistical issues (e.g. like the food coming earlier than expected) interrupted the flow of your presentation; however, your flexibility in talking after the mini-break really helped to pull together some key concepts and provide the opportunity for the participants to discuss/share some of their ideas - thus enriching the learning experience.

I especially appreciated the number of intense conversations that you had with participants. I was conscious of you consistently engaged in intimate dialogues with individuals and small groups around their questions and really focusing on their needs and issues. I had several positive comments from participants about the quality time that you took to listen and talk with them, rather than the peripheral discussions that often happen with presenters.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise and I hope that the marketing materials forwarded to other colleges trigger some direct contacts to explore your services. I also hope that we can work with you again as we continue to develop related programs. Obviously we need to find ways to market more effectively and strategically expand the number of alumni contacts that are engaged with Niagara College so that we have a registration base.

Steve Cino

Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Legacy Leadership Project
Niagara College, Welland Campus S110

905-735-2211 ext. 7865


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