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Bloopers, Boondoggles & Blunders

November 25, 2008, Report on Small Business, The Globe & Mail

Bloopers, Boondoggles & Blunders

The blunder: An attempt at innovative promotion brought trouble the client never wanted.
The lessons: Although Lowe Roche didn't set out to launch a viral campaign, Burlington, Ontario-based marketing expert George Torok says that Audi may have unwittingly benefited from the online chatter. "The best way to get viral marketing is to be provocative," Torok says. "Sometimes that happens by mistake—and if it does, then the company needs to find a way to leverage that and surf it out." Failing to exploit such an unexpected opportunity potentially exacerbates the error.

The above is an excerpt from the article published in the Globe & Mail, Report on Small Business magazine.

Of course the Ad agency responsible for the Boondoggle, Lowe Roche, was quite defensive about their accidental viral marketing campaign. Perhaps they created a monster they did not know how to manage.

But agency founder Geoffrey Roche says his goal was simply to reach an elusive consumer without spending a fortune on TV commercials. "We're not in the business of pissing people off," he adds.

Curious response from Geoffrey Roche - because that is exactly what they did. And every business pisses somebody off. That's the nature of the beast - especially marketing. You can't please everybody. So please your clients and engage your target audience. The rest - you really don't care about.

Read the rest of this article here at the Globe & Mail.

What I find strange is that the Audi cross promotion with Marvel Entertainment on the Ironman movie was brilliant. Did this come from the same people? Read more about that Marvel Entertainment Ironman movie here.

The final comment from Roche - the riskiest campaign of all is one that nobody notices.

Finally some words of truth from the advertising man's mouth.

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