Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Science of Influencing Others

Science of Influencing Others

Enjoy this excellent article at Marketing Sherpa on the topic of influence while you can. It is only open until October 21.

SUMMARY: Influencing others isn't luck or magic - it's science. There are proven ways to help make you more successful as a marketer and an office politician.We talked to a renowned expert on the science of influence and pulled excerpts from two of his books to demonstrate ways to make people say "yes" to your messaging and management. Includes links to scientific studies and takeaways to use at work or at home.

Click to continue (Open access until October 21st)


If you miss the article the six principcles are listed below:

Six Principles of Influence

1. Reciprocity
2. Social Proof
3. Commitment and Consistency
4. Liking
5. Authority
6. Scarcity

George Torok
Marketing Speaker
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