Friday, October 31, 2008

Power Marketing Tips 11: Blue Man Group

Power Marketing Tips 11:

Blue Man Group

Ask a friend who has seen the Blue Man Group to describe them to you. If you have seen the Blue Man Group, then try to describe the group to a friend or more importantly how you felt about the show. (I just saw them for the second time.)

The impression
Words like amazing, awesome, energizing, funny, unique, incredible and captivating might flow over your tongue.

If that's the impression the Blue Man Group creates then the next question is, "How do they create that impression?"

The elements
There are three guys dressed in black with blue latex masks covering their head and neck. They don't speak. They pantomime, play percussion on funny plastic pipes, splash colored paint, mix in multimedia and have an awesome light show.

Who else does that?

No one. Although none of those individual things are unique the combination is.

What does that mean to you as a marketer?

What words do your clients use to say how they feel about buying from you? If your clients are not using the words you prefer what can you change to encourage those words?

How would your best clients describe the elements of your product or service? More importantly - who else does that? If the answer is almost everybody then you need to change the mix.

The success of the Blue Man Group is not due to any one element of their show. It's the combination of elements that make them successful. It's the combination that attracts audiences and encourages audiences to tell their friends about the experience.

What's in your mix? What could you add to the mix?

George Torok
Power Marketing

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