Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Marketing Articles on Power Marketing

New marketing articles on Power Marketing site

Here are two new articles published on the Power Marketing site.


Marketing in tough times: A golden opportunity

Less money coming in? Business a little slow? What should you do about your marketing? If you answered, ‘less’ you are in the majority and making a big mistake. When times are tight the knee jerk reaction is do less marketing. That’s why you should do more. Stand out from your competition – zig when they zag. (1010 words)

What do your best customers smell like?
What you should know about your best customers

Think about how a hunter tracks their prey. They learn the habits, smells, likes and dislikes. You can do the same to find your big game. Here is a sampling of the information you might collect about your best customers; clubs and associations of which they are members, where they live, what they read, their education, special interests, sports and hobbies, recreation, demographics & ethno graphics, etc. (1000 words)

George Torok
Power Marketing

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