Friday, September 05, 2008

Power Marketing Tips 08: How are you different?

Power Marketing Tips 08 : How are you different?

Could you be mistaken for a twin of your competition?

Are you ready for the defining question that will help you grow your business? How are you different? Before you sputter, "We offer quality, value and service." Ask yourself, "Who else can say the same?" If the answer is - most of your competition - then you are not different.

There is only one reason that you will attract new business. It is by being different: different from your prospect's existing supplier, different from their existing experience or different from their other options. You must be different.

Being different is not enough

If you want to grow your business you must appear to be different.

Reread that sentence. The important phrase is "appear to be different". It's not so important that you are different. It's more important that your market perceives you to be different.

For your difference to be effective it must be noticed, valued and remembered.

The Pizza WarsThe pizza wars are a good example of the perception of being different and how they are many different hats you might claim to wear in your pursuit of difference. Domino's is the "30 minutes or it's free" champion. Pizza Pizza has a cute name and the easy to remember phone number, (go ahead and sing the jingle). It's easy to guess what's different about "Two for One Pizza". Delicioso is "the frozen pizza that you'll swear was delivered". There are the shops that sell pizza and subs, the ones that sell pizza, subs and wings and the ones that offer goat cheese and other alternative toppings.

You can learn a lot about niche marketing by watching very competitive markets. The differences don't need to be big, just clear. It's like tuning your FM radio dial. You only listen to the stations that come in clearly.

So, how are you different?

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