Friday, September 26, 2008

Power Marketing Secrets EXPOSED in Paris

Power Marketing Secrets EXPOSED in Paris, ON

Salute To Brant Business Networking Event: Power Marketing

Power Marketing Secrets - EXPOSED!
Thursday, October 2, 2008
Guest Speaker George Torok
5:30 pm

Co-author of the National Bestseller "Secrets of Power Marketing®"
Paris Grand Golf & Country Club150 Paris Links Rd., Paris, Ontario
Cocktails 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Use the Secrets of Power Marketing® to grow your business immediately!
Free Admission (Limited Seating: Pre-Registration recommended)

Learn about government programs and services to benefit your business
Discuss issues with the Mayor, Members of Council, and Municipal Staff
Network with other members of the Brant Business community
Enjoy delicious food samplings
RSVP by Monday, September 22, 2008
Email: or Phone: 519-442-6324 x3032


George Torok

Marketing Speaker

Canadian Business Speaker

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Email Marketing - too many liars

Email Marketing - too many liars

It can be easy to be turned off email marketing. I never realized I had so many rich relatives in Europe and Africa all dieing to give me money. So we adapt and learn to block, ignore and delete the barrage of email liars.

And of course the liars learn to adapt as well. Lately I've been receiving poorly written emails from folks who claim to be Internet marketing experts. They format their email to resemble a legitimate email ezine. They even have an unsubscribe link - which I wonder about. I know that I did not subscribe and they even took the time to "authorize" their email with my SPAM Arrest. So I delete, block and unsubcribe.

Here is one that I have seen a couple times - same person? The unsubscribe page is the most annoying that I have seen. Remember - I did not ask for this email - yet this person threatened me with their language. Oh - and they are lieing.

Here is the text from the unsubscribe page. Read it and decide how you would feel.


EMail Blacklisting Page

If you want to unsubscribe from my newsletter, your email address is automatically blacklisted, which means you can't subscribe at a later date (that's how the software works)

I thought I'm upfront with it, have a Day full of Love & Wealth!

Love Nat


So - how would you feel? And no, I don't believe that's how the software works. The word "blacklisted" will intimidate some folks not to unsubscribe.

What's "love" and "blacklisted" got to do with each other?

Not sure what this person was selling. Perhaps this was for their own amusement. There are some twisted people out there.

George Torok
Personal Marketing
Power Marketing

Blue Man Group - just different

Blue Man Group video - Global Warming

They are unique. Enjoy this video of the Blue Man Group

How different are you from your competition?

George Torok

Monday, September 22, 2008

Listen to PR 101 Radio - Special guest - George Torok

Stop Wasting your money on branding and start building profitable relationships

Listen in to my interview on PR 101 Radio as host, Erica Taylor, interviews me on the above topic. If you are wrestling with branding - you better listen. Could save you alot of money and agravation. Listen live and ask your questions.


Live Wednesday Sept 24
12:00 noon - 1:00 pm PDT (California time)
Special Guest - George Torok

What is PR 101 Radio?

PR 101 Radio - Marketing Advice for Small Business is the world’s first live, call-in advice show providing insight into Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising.PR 101 Radio's Mission is to provide small- and medium-sized businesses (those with under 500 employees) and entrepreneurs expert knowledge and education about how to more effectively market their businesses and avoid costly pitfalls along the way.

Where Can I Listen to PR 101 Radio?

PR 101 Radio - Marketing Advice for Small Business airs weekly each Wednesday from 12pm-1pm PST. The program can be heard on:
iTunes Radio
Windows Media Player

The show anticipates drawing an initial combined weekly audience of a quarter million. The program is targeted to an educated audience of small- and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

Who Hosts PR 101 Radio?

PR 101 Radio - Marketing Advice for Small Business is hosted by Erika M. Taylor, CEO/Chief Publicist for the award-winning PR Agency, Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc. Taylor enjoyed an 18-year on-air career in the San Francisco Bay Area before transitioning to the Public Relations industry. She brings a unique insider perspective to working with the press, launching and marketing a business.


George Torok
Marketing Expert & Author
Canadian Business Speaker

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Link to me

Link to me

Lately, I have received several requests to trade links.

Nothing wrong with that. Links to your website boost it in the search engines. And I am happy to exhange good links.

However, many of the requests to link seem to come from gmail or other free email addresses - not from legitimate email address. What does that say about the person requesting the link? Why are they hidding?

So I agreed to trade some links. And after I linked to them and asked for a response - no response.

We should learn from our mistakes.

This is my response to future resquests for trading links - "You go first".

George Torok
Marketing Speaker & Author
Business Speaker

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Marketing Challenge: Sell the Seasons

Marketing Challenge: Sell the Seasons

Summer seems to be coming to an end in Ontario, Canada. That reminds me how much I enjoy each season for different reasons along with the change of the seasons.

So here’s an interesting marketing challenge – how would you market each season?

As a marketer what would you say about the seasons?


Tell me how you would market each season?

Address these areas and questions.

The pains of your audience.
The benefits of the season.
The features of the season.
How would you trigger the emotions?
What images can you create?
Any other elements that help to sell the season.

Add your responses as comments to this blog. If you email me I will add them to the blog.

Marketing the seasons

George Torok
Marketing Expert and Speaker
Canadian Buisiness Speaker

Friday, September 12, 2008

The legend of Colonel Sanders

Enjoy this informative, inspiring and insightful analysis of the legend of Colonel Sanders by Marketing expert, Perry Marshall. The following is an excerpt from Perry Marshall's ezine.


Colonel Sanders' Secret KFC Recipe, Part 2

Maybe you've heard the story of 1000 restaurant owners who rejected Colonel Sanders' Fried Chicken proposal, and Prospect #1001 who finally said "yes."

BUT... did you ever hear the story behind the story?

This is a good one. An old photocopier salesman, who called on Colonel Sanders back in the 60's, passed this along to me.

The real story is:

The Colonel had a restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, which had been doing very well. A new interstate highway was planned to bypass the town of Corbin. Seeing that his business was about to dry up, the Colonel auctioned off his operations. After paying his bills, he had nothing to live on except his $105 Social Security checks.

In 1952, confident of his chicken recipe, he began crisscrossing the country in his car, making an offer to restaurant owners: He would walk into a restaurant, announce to the owner, "I bet my chicken recipe is better than yours" and propose a cook-off.

(The chicken provided by the restaurants he visited, using his recipe, was part of his plan for feeding himself during those lean days.)

If the owner was favorable, he would "franchise" his chicken recipe to them at 5 cents per chicken.

In all, just over 1000 restaurants turned him down, without one successful deal.

Then one day he was having his daily cooking duel with a bar owner, who said to him, "Sir, I'm trying to sell beer, not chicken. This stuff needs to be a whole lot saltier so customers will get thirsty and buy beer!"

So he grabbed the salt shaker, poured some salt on, and took another bite. "Now THIS is GREAT," he said. "If you'll add salt to this recipe, I'm a taker!"

The Colonel took a bite and spit it out -- it was terrible!

But Colonel Sanders had been on a NO SALT DIET for 30 years, so his tastes were obviously different than everyone else's.

The Colonel wasn't stupid! He might not like the salt, but it was better than poverty. Thus began the Colonel's enormously successful Kentucky Fried Chicken legacy.

Here's the kicker: At one time, if you bought a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken, here's what it said on the side: "When Colonel Sanders added the 11th spice, he instantly knew it was the best chicken he'd ever had."

Of course they didn't tell you what spice it was.

This is so instructive.

First of all, Colonel Sanders could have made 1000 MORE presentations, driven his car until the transmission fell out, spent every dime of those $105 Social Security checks, prayed for success and recited positive affirmations every morning in front of the mirror. But he still would have come up empty handed, had he not been willing to change his recipe!

Secondly, although the recipe he so passionately believed in was the best recipe for HIS taste buds, it was not the recipe that his customers really wanted. Without a recipe that the customers wanted, no amount of effort or persistence would make it work.

With the right recipe, he was unstoppable.

Third, the recipe he had before he added salt was ALMOST right. It was VERY, VERY CLOSE to what it needed to be. Adding salt to a lousy recipe wouldn't have helped much. So all the effort he expended developing the original recipe was worthwhile.

Fourth: Persistence DID pay off, but not the way we might expect it to. Sometimes we're looking for the magical day when our persistence, and the sheer number of people we talk to, leads us to the RIGHT person who will say "Yes" and open wide the doors to success.

But for Colonel Sanders, playing the "Numbers Game" was not the key. The real key was bumping into someone with the audacity to suggest something different, and for the Colonel to be eager enough for a breakthrough to change his recipe.

Fifth, the magical ingredient was ordinary table salt. Salt, all by itself, is worthless as a food item. Chicken, all by itself, is pretty bland, and may not even do the trick with 10 other perfectly good spices. Put them together, though, and you've got a real winner!

Never overlook the possibility of combining very ordinary things to create something "entirely new."

Finally, motivation and hard work alone are rarely (if ever) enough to accomplish a challenging goal. Innovation, flexibility, careful listening, endless experimentation, and the setting aside of egos and old paradigms are all equally important.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: That elusive 11th spice is THE #1 thing that weuncover during the 2-day, 4-man Intensive. September 24-25:


Perry Marshall's books on Google advertising are the most popular in the world. He is quoted all over the Internet and by USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Power Marketing Tips 08: How are you different?

Power Marketing Tips 08 : How are you different?

Could you be mistaken for a twin of your competition?

Are you ready for the defining question that will help you grow your business? How are you different? Before you sputter, "We offer quality, value and service." Ask yourself, "Who else can say the same?" If the answer is - most of your competition - then you are not different.

There is only one reason that you will attract new business. It is by being different: different from your prospect's existing supplier, different from their existing experience or different from their other options. You must be different.

Being different is not enough

If you want to grow your business you must appear to be different.

Reread that sentence. The important phrase is "appear to be different". It's not so important that you are different. It's more important that your market perceives you to be different.

For your difference to be effective it must be noticed, valued and remembered.

The Pizza WarsThe pizza wars are a good example of the perception of being different and how they are many different hats you might claim to wear in your pursuit of difference. Domino's is the "30 minutes or it's free" champion. Pizza Pizza has a cute name and the easy to remember phone number, (go ahead and sing the jingle). It's easy to guess what's different about "Two for One Pizza". Delicioso is "the frozen pizza that you'll swear was delivered". There are the shops that sell pizza and subs, the ones that sell pizza, subs and wings and the ones that offer goat cheese and other alternative toppings.

You can learn a lot about niche marketing by watching very competitive markets. The differences don't need to be big, just clear. It's like tuning your FM radio dial. You only listen to the stations that come in clearly.

So, how are you different?

George Torok
Marketing Speaker
Business Speaker

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