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Power Marketing Tip 07: Feed me, feed me

Power Marketing Tip 07: Feed me, feed me

The power of food

Food and drink are two of our most primal needs. They are at the bottom of Maslov's Hierarchy of human needs. And they are daily needs. Even someone who is independently wealthy needs to eat and drink every day.

Perhaps that is why meeting clients and associates for breakfast, lunch or coffee are such effective relationship builders.

If we enjoy the food and setting then we are more likely to enjoy the company. This sort of meeting allows for social as well as business discussion.

Want to attract more people to your open house? Offer free coffee and donuts or BBQ wieners and hamburgers.

Want to reward an associate for their referrals? Send them a gift certificate for a nice restaurant so they can enjoy the meal with their spouse.

Want to be welcomed whenever you visit an important client? Arrive with fresh baked cookies.

Want to get better service from the accounts payables of your big clients? Send them free pizza.

Want to impress the families of your partners? Send them coupons for their children to get ice cream.

Want to recruit the gate keeper to help you connect with the CEO? Send Swiss or Belgian chocolate.

Having trouble getting that corporate buyer to see you? Send a fruit platter.

Want to fit into the tight schedule of that busy executive? Meet for lunch or breakfast.

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