Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marketing Mess: Meatball Sundae

Meatball Sundae

That's what Seth Godin called it. Mixing things together that really don't go together.

Mixing ideas is a creative approach to marketing. But some things just don't belong in the same dish.

For example:
Steak house and vegetarian menu
Day care and casino
Ice cream and blood pudding
Pet hospital and Chinese food
Fine foods and sewing machine repairs?
Here is a shop that can't seem to figure out what business they are in. And if you read the signs I'm not sure you want to do business with them? The marquee reads, "British Fine Foods"

First, I'm not sure that British and fine foods belong in the same sentence. That combination is certainly open to argument.
More importantly look at the second photo of the sign in the window just to the left of the door where the same store that claims to offer fine foods also offers sewing machine repairs?
What is the synergy between these two services and why would you buy both services from the same shop?
What do people who repair sewing machines know about preparing fine foods?
Perhaps it's a British thing. Perhaps they don't care or don't know the difference.

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