Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marketing: Don't make the same mistakes I did

Don't make the same mistakes that I made!

I started and chased several business ideas in my early days. Some did well and some failed. None did great. Why - because I did not fully understand the power of following a simple and effective marketing system. I didn't have a mentor. No one taught me the secrets of marketing. I didn't have a role model. But I knew that there had to be an easier, better way to succeed in business.

So I started reading all the business books I could find. I read hundreds of books, attended seminars, listened to tapes and watched videos. I even registered for a college marketing course - but dropped out because it was boring and impractical. As I gathered all this information I discovered there was a lot of useless information out there. The gems that I found I recorded, tried, analyzed and simplified. I started to develop my system of power marketing.

I used this new system when I launched my business a decade ago. I hit the ground running. Wow - were things different this time! Sales growth. Profit growth - and it was fun.

Then I met Peter Urs Bender - he was more experienced in the business. We discovered that we had gone through similar learning experiences. And again it was his simple system of marketing that built his success.

We compared notes and discovered common principles and techniques. We also shared our marketing horror stories - the dumb mistakes we had made. Perhaps if you had enough time and money you could suffer the same mistakes.

But why waste your time, money and the embarrassment?

We put the best of what we learned into Secrets of Power Marketing. We kept it simple, practical and effective - because that's the way we prefer to work.

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