Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kids hate haircuts - but love this barber

Kids hate haircuts - but love this barber

Kid Snips has reinvented the business of cutting kids hair. The kids sit in chairs that resemble carnival rides - planes and cars. Instead of staring at a mirror they watch a video. And the kicker - the hair cuts cost between $15 and $18 instead of $10.

You can charge more when you transform a painful experience into a pleasurable one.

Plus - the shop also sells toys, candy and other kids fun stuff, (more revenue for the shop).

So what could easily be a tantrum- spawned headache can instead be fun and easy. Isn't that worth paying extra for?

When you think about it - the answer was obvious. Barber shops and hairdressers were designed to serve adults. No wonder kids don't enjoy them.

But if your market is young children look around and learn from the best. That includes Disney and McDonald's. Kids like going to McDonald's because of the toys, playland, and quick simple treats. Parent's like taking their kids to McDonald's because they don't have to fight with their kids to take them. The result - a positive experience for the parents and the kids.

How might you transform the experience for your clients?

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