Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Jump off a tall building

Go jump off a tall building

Have you heard that expression? Has anyone ever said it to you? Have you ever expressed to someone else?

Be careful what you say to people. Bob Hooey took it literally. Yep, he jumped off a tall building - 27 stories tall. Bob has probably been called a lot of names - crazy, pushy, bold, showman, brave, determined, creative, (did I mention crazy?)... Yep that's Bob Hooey - all those things and more.

That's Bob - jumping off a 27 story building. He claims to have a fear of heights but I don't believe it because I have a fear of heights and I would never do what he did. I get nervous just looking at the photos and viewing the videos.

You could also call Bob Hooey a marketing master. He knows how to get attention and that's what every marketer must do. Stand out from the crowd. Yep, Bob does that - head and shoulders.

So why is Bob Hooey performing this crazy stunt again? It's a fund raising event for Easter Seals. Almost everybody is climbing mountains these days so you got to be different.

However I think that Bob Hooey is just starving for attention again - and he gets it again. Good on you Bob! Watch that first step - it's a Hooey.

View the videos of Bob Hooey rappelling down the outside of the building.

Sponsor Bob Hooey and donate to Alberta Easter Seals.

PS: Good thing that I live in Ontario where the expression is, "Go jump in the lake."

PPS: And watch what you dare people to do.

George Torok
Marketing Speaker

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Easter Seals Canada said...

Thata boy Bob. The Drop Zone is a great and unique experience that raises a lot of money for kids living with disabilities.

Thanks to people like Bob, Canadian children are getting greater opportunities to expand their own comfort zones and learn how to live active and social lives through Easter Seals programs.

And don't worry George if you don't want to jump in the grimey lake, Kitchener is hosting a Drop Zone this year that you could get involved with.

If any of your readers want to learn more check out