Saturday, July 19, 2008

Viral Marketing: Photoshop & Iran Missile-gate

Viral marketing: Photoshop & Iran Missile-gate

Who’s pulling the strings – Photoshop or Iran?

This is a good example of viral marketing.

It’s clear to me that the winner of this media party is Photoshop. Therefore, we could assume that Photoshop must be pulling the strings. Was Photoshop the behind the scenes manipulator or are they simply the dumbfounded beneficiary?

I believe that Photoshop got lucky. Sometimes you get lucky. The secret is to recognize your luck and leverage the opportunity. They can take advantage of the marketing opportunity if they move quickly.

What could Photoshop do to take advantage of this marketing opportunity?

Issue a news release that denies any culpability in the Iranian misslegate.

Direct their retailers to move the Photoshop displays to the front of the store.

When the retailers sell out – put up large signs at the front of the store stating that they are temporary out of stock.

Offer experts to be interviewed by the media regarding the ethics of altering photos.

Offer free seminars on how to use Photoshop.

Issue a top ten list on the photos that folks might want to alter with Photoshop.

Sponsor a contest of Photoshop-altered photos – with before and after exhibits.

Photoshop can gain a lot of ongoing free exposure from this incident- from the main stream media, the talk show hosts and bloggers.

The pump has been well primed.

Look what "they" are talking about:

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