Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Return My Call

Return my call

Do you wish that more people would return your phone calls? Do you know why they don’t? Would you like to have more of your calls returned?

Okay. Let’s deal with one question at a time. If you are making sales calls and leaving messages then one of life’s frustrations can be not hearing back from people.

Do you wish that more people would return your phone calls?
Not necessarily. You only want the right people to return your calls. You don’t want to waste your time with people who don’t want or can’t buy what you are selling. So those folks are doing you a favor by not calling you back. In fact your message should dissuade them from calling you back.

Encourage the right people to call you by leaving a message that states your unique benefit. At the same time, those who are not interested in buying what you well will not call you back and thus not waste your time.

For example, don’t leave a message that simply states your name, phone number with the message, “Call me.” That’s just plain dumb.

Instead consider these examples:

“For a no obligation quote to re-shingle your leaky roof call us at 555.5555.”

“Leaky pipes and backed up toilettes are stinky situations. Keep this number handy to help when disaster happens.”

“How much did you spend on advertising last year? Do wish you got a better return on that investment? Call now for a free evaluation of your advertising choices.”

“Does your business experience highs and lows? Learn how we can supply the right staff when you need it without the costs of hiring and firing.”

George Torok

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