Friday, July 11, 2008

Power Marketing Tip 05: Business or personal?

Power Marketing Tip 05: Marketing - is it business or personal?

Marketing is about building your business. However, if your marketing is not personal enough your business might fail. Your marketing should be both business and personal.

Personal marketing is more powerful than impersonal marketing. Personal marketing is more profitable because you spend less on mass marketing and get higher revenue from your target customers. The power of personal marketing is based on the principle that we would rather do business with people we know and like.

How can you make your marketing more personal? Connect with your customers on a personal level. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

Friends not prey
Treat customers more like friends than prey. When making choices in your business ask yourself the question, "Would a friend do that to a friend?"

Staff are number one
The corollary to the previous point is to treat your staff more like friends than like slaves or idiots. Your staff is on the front line treating your customers the same way you treat your staff. Southwest Airlines, which is well known for their exceptional customer service, considers their staff their most important priority. Customers are number two. And Southwest Airlines is the only airline to consistently make a profit for over 30 years.

Helping Versus Selling
Adopt a helping mode instead of selling. If you are proud of what you sell and you honestly believe that it can help, then show how your product might help your customers. And help them arrive at that same decision. Help them - don't trap them.

Show respect
Convey respect for your customers' values, obstacles and decisions - even when you don't understand their decision. Be like the waiter - no matter what wine you order with your meal he always declares, "An excellent choice."


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